Vader Gets Droid Support In X-Wing 2.0

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Darth Vader is pulling out all the stops now that he has droid support. Come and see what the menacing droids 0-0-0 and BT-1 can do!

Vader Gets Droid Support In X-Wing 2.0

Vader Gets Droid Support In X-Wing 2.0

Our old favorite destruction derby Decimator is back in X-Wing 2.0! Captain Oicunn is ready for more carnage, his pilot ability allows him to perform a primary attack at range 0. At initiative 3, Oicunn can move early in the activation phase and block your opponent’s flight path in order to dish out a massive blow at range 0.

Ramming into enemy ships can be problematic unless that’s what you want!Dauntless

With the Dauntless title, after you partially execute a maneuver, you may perform 1 white action, treating that action as red. This allows you to still gain actions after overlapping enemy ships and can be used to rotate your turret into optimal position or reinforce your hull zones. Darth Vader

Now that you have your opponent where you want them, Darth Vader will unleash his rage. As a crew member, Vader gives your ship a recurring Force charge of 1 and adds an intense new ability. At the start of the Engagement Phase, you may choose 1 ship in your firing arc at range 0-2 and spend 1 Force.

If you do, that ship suffers 1 damage unless it chooses to remove 1 green token. Either way, it will be bad for your opponent. Now that Vader has struck, follow it up with his murderous droids. 0-0-0

0-0-0 is another fiendish crew option on Oicunn’s Decimator. Also at the start of the Engagement Phase, you may choose 2 enemy ship at range 0-1, you may gain 1 calculate token unless that ship chooses to gain 1 stress token.

Before we have even attacked, we have potentially given a ship 1 damage or even worse, removed a green token and given a stress token. Things aren’t looking good for your enemy, but it is about to get worse. BT-1

BT-1 is tagging along as a gunner. While you perform an attack, you may change 1 hit to a crit for each stress token the defender has. 0-0-0 can give your opponent a stress and if your opponent’s ship overlapped Dauntless after performing a red maneuver, they’ll have 1 more. That’s good for 2 crits! Unleash the deadly damage potential of Vader and his droids in X-Wing 2.0!

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