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Don’t miss our break down of all 22 of the new Vigilus Defiant formation detachments that are on the way for Warhammer 40k this week!

Whether you play Imperium or Xenos your questions on what new 40k detachments will do for your army may have just been answered.

Games Workshop has previewed some of the new special detachments and rules from the new Vigilus supplement book over the past few days, and now we have all 22 of the formations from a book reviewer over the weekend!

We cleaned up a lot of these images and tried to make them as large and as readable as possible for everyone so you could get as accurate of a preview of the new rules as possible!

Without any more delay, let’s dive in!

Review them by section if you only play one of the keywords below:

Vigilus Defiant Campaigns & Missions

vigilus contents new rules formations detachments

GW posted the table of contents for the new Vigilus Defiant, and some factions are for sure lacking, like Chaos and Necrons for instance.

Does that mean a sequel book is already in the works for the rest of the 40k lineup?

rules vigilus Detachment

A quick note on how the new Detachments work from Vigilus, and some pointers on Traits, Psychics, Relics and the faux warlord generic Stratagem that we had already seen previewed:

field commander

Save your CP’s as it looks like it is possible to retain your normal codex warlord trait, and give another character the detachment one as well.

Xenos Detachments

annointed throng

GSC: Anointed Throng

As we’ve said before, the specialist detachments only affect certain units. In this case, Abominants and Aberrants gain the Anointed Throng keyword. But what does it do for them?

This Specialist Detachment unlocks a number of useful tricks, including a Warlord Trait that adds 1 to charge rolls for nearby Anointed Throng units, and the Blessed Sledgehammer relic that improves your Abominant’s weapon to a tank-busting AP of -4.

devotion till death

You’d want to use this stratagem when you decide to chest bump a Knight with a full squad of Aberrants. This is basically Only in Death does Duty End for an entire unit of Aberrants. Keep in mind that the Aberrants can take power sledges which are literal thunder hammers. Translation: You’ll be able to tear something up.

Here are the two Detachments and new Stratagems Genestealer Cults players  now have access to:

genestealer cults rules vigilus Detachment

Craftworlds: Wraith Host

Khorne VS Eldar


wraith host

1Pp gives the Spiritseers and Wraith Constructs in a detachment the Wraith Host Keyword and it looks like the detachment unlocks access to a new Warlord Trait called Revered by the Dead.

…the Revered by the Dead Warlord Trait will enable nearby Wraith Constructs to re-roll charge rolls…

wrath of the dead

Not only can your Constructs re-roll failed charge rolls, but for just 1CP, you can add 1 to the attacks of every model in the unit.

Windrider Host

vigilus windrider host

Eldar are getting the Windrider Host formation for just 1CP. This unlocks the Wild Rider Warlord Trait. Unfortunately, we can’t see what else the formation will be getting.

  • Wild Rider Warlord Trait: Your Warlord and friendly Windrider Host units within 6″ can charge even if they fell back earlier in the turn.

Here are both new detachments:

eldar rules vigilus Detachment

Orks: Kult of Speed

kult of speed

You now have another stratagem to throw on all of those newfangled Speed Freeks models that just dropped!

Unsurprisingly, all of the associated rules benefit your adrenaline-fuelled Speed Freeks, from a trait that renders Kult of Speed units within 12” of your Warlord immune to Morale tests provided they Advanced (that’s your Warbikers sorted!)

There’s also a 2CP stratagem on the way that allows a unit to double its movement. That’s upwards in the 20+” threat range.

deffkilla wartrike


deffkilla relic

You can turn your Deffkilla Wartrike into Skargim’s Snazztrike as a relic. This just gives it +1 toughness and a 5++ save.

Ork players are getting a grand total of four specialist detachments in Vigilus:

Stompa Mob:

Stompa Mob tempestus Drop Force rules vigilus Detachment

Dread Waagh!

ork dread waaagh rules vigilus Detachment


This is the first time we’ve seen a faction get more than one formation. Orks have already had one of their other formations called the Blitz Brigade previewed first. With that being said, if you see a formation for your faction that doesn’t sit well with you, there’s probably more for you to pick from!

We can’t see what the formation gives the Orks besides their Shiny Gubbin and boy is it a Gubbin to behold.

  • Dread Waaagh’s Shiny Gubbinz: Da Souped-up Shokka: Range 60″ Heavy 2d6 S 2d6 AP -5 D d6.

 Ork Formation: Blitz Brigade

blitz brigade orks rules vigilus Detachment



  • …Pick an ORK detachment from your army to be a BLITZ BRIGADE Spearhead detachment. WARBIKERS, BATTLEWAGONS, BONECRUSHAS and (OTHER VARIANT) in this detachment gain the BLITZ BRIGADE keyword.

The cost is up in the air for right now. It could be anywhere from 1-3Cp as the pictures are so blurry. However, it looks like spending the CP only gives a certain detachment a keyword. Which in turn, obviously gives you access to restricted warlord traits, relics, and stratagems.

Warlord Trait: Back-seat driver

blitz brigade 1

  • If a BLITZ BRIGADE CHARACTER is your Warlord, you can give the them the following Warlord Trait. When your Warlord is embarked within a BLITZ BRIGADE TRANSPORT, add 1″ to that transport’s move characteristic. In addition, while your Warlord is embarked within it, the transport gains the “ere we go” ability

Right off the bat, this seems perfect for an Evil Sunz list as a Speed Freeks Blitz Brigade units can move a whopping +2″ and reroll charge rolls. Let’s check out the special relic next.

Da Blitz Shouta

orks hor wal

If the relic wielder is in a Blitz Brigade Battlewagon at the start of your shooting phase, you can pick an enemy unit that is visible to the character. Until the end of the phase, reroll all hit rolls of 1 for attacks made by friendly Blitz Brigade units with 6″ that target the enemy you selected.

Blitz Brigade Stratagems

blitz brigade stratagem

1CP – Opening Salvo  Use this stratagem in your shooting phase in the first battle round. Select a friendly Blitz Brigade Gunwagon. You can double the range of all of its shooting attacks until the end of the phase.

Opening Salvo is perfect for getting that extra bit of reach on a unit you need to cripple turn one.

 1CP – CRUSH YA! – Use this stratagem when a Blitz Brigade Bonecrusha unit from your army is chosen to fight. You can roll an additional D6 when using the unit’s ram ability and take the highest result.

 2CP – Hold on, Boyz!  Use this stratagem during your movement phase, before moving a Blitz Brigade Battlewagon in your army. Pick a friendly <CLAN> Infantry unit wholly within 3″ of that model and remove it from the battlefield. Once the Battlewagon has moved, you may re-deploy the unit of Ork Infantry unit around the Battlewagon within 3″ of it and more than 1″ away from enemy units.

The infantry unit cannot move further this phase and counts as having moved this turn for all rules purposes and it cannot charge this turn.

While not every Xenos faction will be in Vigilus, there’s plenty of support coming to the ones that are. We’re sure GW will give the factions (Tau & Necrons) some kind of detachment rules somewhere down the line.

Imperium Detachments

space marine

Indomitus Crusaders (Space Marines)

space marine Rules vigilus Detachment

These abilities look to be intended for any Space Marine Chapter to use, but at second glance they are for “Space Marine Detachments” which only seem to apply anything from Codex Space Marines per page 196 of that book.

Rules vigilus Detachment

The Indomitus Crusader detachment only affects Primaris Captain, Primaris Lieutenants. Primaris Ancients, Intercessor Squads, and Inceptor Squads. 

indomitus crusadersSo what does this detachment unlock for you?

target sighted

the coolest part of this Specialist Detachment is the ability to upgrade your Intercessors further with the Veteran IntercessorsStratagem. Not only does it upgrade their Attacks and Leadership characteristics by 1 for the cost of a single Command Point, but it unlocks one of three additional Stratagems according to their wargear.

You’ll have to spend another stratagem to upgrade your Intercessors to Veterans, but once you do, you have the ability to snipe characters out of the crowd with a 1Cp stratagem. This is strictly better than the Sniper squads.

Sure, this is more CP intensive, but the Stalker bolt rifles have AP on them and still cause mortal wounds.

Imperial Fist-Siegebreaker Cohort

siegebreaker cohort

Games Workshop also previewed Imperial Fists’ Siegebreaker Cohort formation recently. It’s what you’d expect from an Imperial Fist army…completely devastating buildings and all-around solid survivability. The Siegebreaker Cohort only costs 1CP and unlocks a new Warlord trait, a relic, and two stratagems.

  • 1CP- Siegebreaker Cohort Formation: Pick an Imperial Fists detachment from your army. Captains, Centurion, Dreadnoughts, and Vindicators gain the Siegebreaker Cohort keyword.

Of course, they have to balance the formation a little bit. They only have a select number of units that can have the Siegebreaker Cohort keyword. Let’s check out the stratagems you unlock with this formation.

  • 1CP- Structural Demolition: Use this stratagem when a Siegebreaker Cohort unit destroyed a building. The enemy must roll 2D6 for each model disembarking.

This stratagem would be brutal if it would include vehicles as well. There are hardly any buildings in the 40k meta.

  • 1CP-Seismic devastation: Use this Stratagem at the start of the shooting or fight phase. Pick a Siegebreaker unit from your army. For each wound roll of a 6+, inflict a mortal wound on top of any additional damage.

siegebreaker warlord

  • Indomitable Warlord Trait: If your Warlord did not move, friendly units within 6″ automatically pass morale and may gain the benefit of being in cover even if they are not wholly within a terrain feature.

siegebreaker relic

  • Eye of Hypnoth Relic: Reroll wound rolls of 1 for friendly Siegebreaker Cohort units within 6″ of the bearer.

Getting a free relic that essentially turns a character into a lieutenant isn’t bad at all. It frees you up to put Lieutenant points somewhere else.

Other Detachments Mentioned:

  • Crimson Fists Liberator Strike Force
  • Black Templars Sword Brethren
  • Ravenwing Attack Squadron
  • Space Wolves Stalker Pack

These were mentioned detachments but weren’t gone over in any kind of real detail.

Ravenwing Attack Squadron & Space Wolves Stalker Pack

Dark angels Space wolves rules vigilus Detachment

Crimson Fists Liberator Strike Force & Black Templars Sword Brethren

Black Templars Crimson Fists vigilus Detachment

Plus a deeper look into the Victrix Guard

Victrix Guard

Victrix guard

This detachment turns key units into highly-regarded super soldiers with two exclusive relics and Warlord Trait.

Victrix Guard relics:

  • Standard of Macragge Inviolate
  • Soldier’s Blade

Victrix Guard Warlord Trait: once per battle re-roll wound rolls for Victrix Guard units witnin 6″ of the warlord in the Fight phase.

We’re off to a good start for just 1Cp. But check out the stratagems that are coming along with them as well.

fight like demigods

Not only will you be +1 to wound, but you’ll more than likely be hitting on a 2+ in the fight phase with a unit as well.

strike first for ultramar

The way this stratagem is worded, it looks like 3Cp gives you the ability to fight before your opponent selects any of his units that charged. On top of that, they can fight again later in the combat phase assuming they’re still locked up. This is 10X better than Honor the Chapter.


Admech Cybernetica Cohort

cult mechanicus


cybernetic cohort

As for Admech, they are getting a detachment that seems centered around the Kastelan Robots and their controllers.

 In addition to the Power Surge Stratagem that adds 3 to a unit’s charge rolls, or the Strafing Fire Run Stratagem that temporarily turns Heavy weapons into Assault weapons, you’ll have access to a great Warlord Trait for keeping your beloved machines of death in the battle:

cybernetica warlord trait

On top of being able to turn your Robots into the most badass RC cars to ever exist, you’ll be getting a Warlord Trait that can heal a Robot D6 instead of D3.

You’ll also be able to field a Servitor Maniple for your Kataphron units. Hopefully, we can see just what buffs they give.

adeptus mechanicus rules vigilus Detachment

Astra Militarum: The Emperor’s Fist Tank Company

Leman Russ Tank Guard Astra Militarum 40k BIG FAQ 2: Five Things That Missed The Mark

If you play Guard with a column full of Tanks (i.e the right way), a special detachment is making its way to you. Starting off, let’s check out the Warlord Trait.

Unflinching Resolve: Friendly Emperor’s Fist units within 6″ of the Warlord can reroll all hit rolls when firing overwatch.

Emperor’s Fist Relic:

hammer and sunderance

Load up a Battle Cannon Leman Russ with this relic and pop armor with the damage of a thunder hammer.

Infantry & Tank Company Specialist Detachment

astra militarum imperial guard rules vigilus Detachment


That’s not the only detachment they’re getting. Guard are also going to have the following:

  • Emperor’s Blade Assault Companies
  • Emperor’s Wrath Artillery Companies
  • Tempestus Drop Forces

Tempestus Drop Forces

tempestus Drop Force rules vigilus Detachment

Emperor’s Blade Assault Companies & Emperor’s Wrath Artillery Companies

astra militarum imperial guard rules vigilus Detachment

What are your thoughts on these new special detachments? Do you think they’ll have a place in the competitive meta?

Let us know in the comments of our Facebook Hobby Group.

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