Gloomspite Gitz Release Lineup & Pricing CONFIRMED

By Wesley Floyd | January 7th, 2019 | Categories: Age of Sigmar, Game & Hobby Products, News / Rumors

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Don’t miss the new lineup and pricing for the new Gloomspite Gitz that are going on the pre-order menu for next week. These are their wave one releases!

Multiple retailers have already confirmed the prices for the first wave of the Gloomspite Gitz release. Take a look at everything and see what it’ll cost so you can spend your hobby $$$ on the project for your beats lab.

The Gitz will go on pre-order Saturday the 5th of January 2019 for delivery on the 12th. Wave 2 will go on pre-order on the 12th for (we assume) delivery on the 17th.

Gloomspite Gitz Warscroll Cards $15

war scroll cards

Avoid having to thumb through your book when you learn the new units. You can get all of the Warscroll cards and have the most valuable information all in one place.

Gloomspite Fanatics $40


In the new Fanatics kit, you’ll find everything you need to build five Fanatics. The Loonmasha fanatics use the classic ball and chain and can be hidden in the ranks of another unit. When the enemy gets close enough, these guys can run ahead and wreak havoc through the enemy’s line!fanatics

Sporesplatta Fanatics will shield your grots from shooting with choking clouds of spores coming from the fungus on the end of a chain. You can use your Fanatics as a damage dealer or more of a support unit for your ranks!

Squig Hoppers have been remade in an incredibly customizable plastic kit that holds different weapon options and riders! The box will also be able to make a brand new unit called the Boingrot Bounderz!

Squig Herd $45

If you’re into rushing your opponent with angry red Squigs, the Squig Herds should be right up your alley. Each box comes with ten total Squigs with twenty interchangeable cosmetic parts.

Skragrott The Loonking $35

If your army needs a leader, you can’t go wrong with Skragrott the Loonking. As self-proclaimed overlord of the Gloomspite Gitz, he’s a supremely cunning commander and powerful Wizard.

On the tabletop, you’ll find Skragrott invaluable, capable of manipulating the passage of the Bad Moon and even stealing enemy Heroes’ artefacts of power! He’s a magnificent project for a painter, too, packed with gorgeous and characterful detail.

Bad Moon Loonshrine 60

Meanwhile, the Bad Moon Loonshrine is a must-have for anyone starting a Gloomspite Gitz army. The best part of the Loonshrine is it’s available at no matched play points cost. This icon of the Bad Moon has a chance to return destroyed units of Stabbas and Shootas to the battlefield. (Representing the unending hordes summoned to battle by the Bad Moon).

Gloomspite Gitz Endless Spells $35

The Bad Moons are getting their own set of unique Endless Spells exclusive to the faction. (And boy do they look fluffy). Whether you want to summon a horde of Spiders or a Walking Cauldron with Spider legs, you’ve got all kinds of options that fit your army.

Squig Dice $30

Squig Dice are coming to the shelves in all their fleshy goodness. You count the number you roll by the warts on the side of the dice!

At the end of it all, the Gloomspite Gitz look like they’re getting a hefty (and welcome) update. What’s on your list of things to buy first? Have you decided to get into AoS with the Gitz? Let us know in the comments of our Facebook Hobby Group. 

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