Primaris Marneus, Chapter Approved, Vigilus Defiant, & Battleforces LATEST

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chaos noise marine 2018

New rumors about the release of Primaris Marneus, new pics from Wrath & Rapture, and more filled our rumor mills this weekend. Check out the latest!

Welcome to the end of the year, hobby maniacs!  If your first weekend of December had you outside enjoying the balmy weather like us down south, let us fill you in on all the news!

Check out new announcements for the tabletop hobby, with our expert commentary that you may have missed during the weekend.

Star Wars Armada Super Star Destroyer 4 Ship Spoilers!


Star Wars Armada has something BIG on the way and we aren’t just talking about the Executor! 4 new ship cards have been spotted and more!

Chapter Approved, Vigilus, Marneus & Haarken For Next Week!

Haarken Worldclaimer

Games Workshop is dropping two supplements in one week as the new Chapter Approved, Vigilus Defiant, Marneus & Haarken are all coming next week!

More Slaanesh Daemons Khorne Wrath & Rapture Pics Spotted

daemonette close up chaos demon hor wal

More Khorne & Slaanesh confirmations are here as new pictures were spotted of the upcoming sprues for the Wrath & Rapture box set for Warhammer today.

GW Says No Xenos Coming For Adeptus Titanicus!

warlord titan art hor wal

Forge World has been all about Titans both big and small as of late. Don’t miss the latest teasers and when they say we’ll see Xenos in the game.

New Black Library: Slayer, Sabbat Crusade, & More


More great books are here from the Black Library, as Slayer, Sabbat Crusade, and the Spea of the Emperor headline the lore side of things.

DEC White Dwarf Confirms Primaris Marneus Release & More

marneus wal hor primaris

Hold on to your hobby wallet, December may just be a bank breaker as the new Marneus looks to be on the way as well as two new 40k supplements and more!

Warbringer Titan & Blood Angels Arrive from Forge World

Thundehawk crop forge world

The Warbringer Titan and new Blood Angels are here! Get a closer look at Forge World’s latest new releases for Warhammer 40k and Horus Heresy!

40k Release Rumors & Noise Marine Sprue Pics Spotted

chaos noise marine 2018

It’s plastic! Check out the latest on the brand new Chaos Noice Marine for Warhammer 40k as we break down what is coming next for Slaanesh!

HMO’s Roboute Giulliman Statue Tops $1K

HMO robbie g helmet

HMO’s Roboute Guilliman VS. Berzerker statue is finally up for sale! Check out the latest details on this work of art and how you can get one!

More on 40k’s New Genestealer Cult Biker Models

genestealer cult bike

Check out the latest on the new fan favorite Genestealer Cult bike models for Warhammer 40k that are coming soon from Games Workshop.

2019’s New 40k Supplements & Vigilus Defiant Rumors


Vigilus Defiant is the focal point of even more rumors and new supplements for Warhammer 40k going into 2019. Check out what might be coming in the future.

Imperial Fist Primaris Upgrade Sprue Pics Finally Spotted

space marine walpaper big

Imperial Fists have been the talk of the town ever since a Primaris Sergeant was spotted with a Power Fist. Check out the latest on the upgrade sprue.

Top Games Workshop Exclusive Minis of 2018 & More

chaos noise marine 2019

Stop and take a look at the best exclusive minis from Games Workshop in 2018. Were you able to get your hands on some of these?

New 40k Ork Formation Details SPOTTED

Ghazghkull Mag Uruk Thraka orks wal hor

Waaagh! The Orks may have gotten one of their new Warhammer 40k formations spoiled already in the Vigilus Defiant teaser video. Don’t miss this!

And that’s a wrap! Don’t forget to keep your eyes glued to Spikey Bits for what else the gaming world is throwing at you this week.

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