Chapter Approved, Vigilus, Marneus & Haarken For Next Week!

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Games Workshop is dropping two supplements in one week as the new Chapter Approved, Vigilus Defiant, Marneus & Haarken are all coming next week!

Next weekend Games Workshop is pumping out what they’re calling “a new chapter” for Warhammer 40k. GW is now hinting at big changes in the story and gameplay for Vigilus Defiant and Chapter Approved.

Let’s start with Vigilus Defiant. GW says this new Imperium Nigilus campaign book is the most detailed and prettiest version they’ve ever released.

It’s 200 pages long and includes the whole story of the world and introduces the next chapter.

…namely the wholesale invasion of the planet by Haarken Worldclaimer, murderous Chaos Lord of the Black Legion and herald of the Warmaster himself. The huge background section features beautifully rendered campaign maps and force dispositions so you can witness the evolution of the war from its earliest outset to the latest state of play.

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And if you want want to get involved in the action, the rules section enables you to do just that, with Vigilus campaign rules and no less than 12 narrative scenarios that help you refight some of the key battles in the story. There are also Battlezones, which add hazardous environmental challenges to your games, as well as rules that enable you to fight within specific locations on Vigilus. Finally, there are new datasheets for Marneus Calgar, his Victrix Guard and Haarken Worldclaimer, followed by rules for narrative-driven Specialist Detachments that represent some of the battle formations fighting on Vigilus. Check out the Imperial Fists Siegebreaker Cohort, for example:

However, GW says this is just the beginning. There’s more to come in the second part of this series about the war for Vigilus.
And of course, there’s a collectors edition!
War Zone: Vigilus represents a big step for Warhammer 40,000 – a battle that’s set to be as momentous as the War for Armageddon or the Fall of Cadia. If you’re looking to commemorate this historic conflict, Vigilus Defiant will be available in a strictly limited collector’s edition of 1,300 copies. Featuring a soft-touch slipcase, gilt edges and an exclusive cover, it’s a tome truly worthy of the tale within.
limited edition
Next up: Marneus Calgar.
This Legendary Chapter Master of the Ultramarines who’s been around since Rogue Trader is the first to become a Primaris Space Marine!

The new Marneus Calgar combines some of his most iconic features with cutting-edge design, creating a miniature that’s both a loving homage to the past and an exciting vision of the future. He’s been given an updated rules profile, too, befitting his new status, and you’ll find him a superb choice for commanding your Ultramarines army.

Marneus Calgar is packed with a pair of Honour Guard – hand-picked bodyguards drawn from the elite of the Ultramarines. These champions are excellent close-combat warriors and can intercept wounds meant for your favourite Ultramarines Characters, making them excellent when combined with Calgar or other popular options like Roboute Guilliman!

The War of Beasts is only the first chapter of the battle for Vigilus, heralding the coming of even darker times. Spearheading the Black Legion charge is Haarken Worldclaimer – the so-called Herald of the Apocalypse and Proclamator of Abaddon’s Reign.

This elite Raptor leader is one of the most terrifying Chaos Space Marine heroes we’ve ever made and is the ideal leader for any jump-pack based force. Shattering enemy morale, boosting the abilities of nearby Raptors and slaying characters with the Helspear, Haarken is great for a mobile, close-combat focused Black Legion army or as a brutal ally to any Chaos force.

And with the one game that transcends all genres and generations, you can introduce your friends and families to your favorite hobby with Monopoly: Warhammer 40,000.

Monopoly: Warhammer 40k

Monopoly: Warhammer 40,000 will be landing in stores next week as well as being available to order online.

Last, but not least!

Finally, next week, we’re taking some models previously only available as a part of larger sets and making them available separately, just in time for your Christmas shop. From Forgebane comes the Necron Cryptek with Canoptek Cloak, while the classic resin Ultramarines Honour Guard will also be on pre-order, making both choices easier to add to your army than ever.

Honor Guard



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