Resistance Rookies: X-Wing 2.0 Squad Build

By Barclay Montgomery | March 20th, 2019 | Categories: Star Wars Tactics, X-Wing 2.0


The Resistance is always looking for new recruits in X-Wing 2.0. Join up now to see if you have what it takes to fly with the Aces!Joph Seastriker

These ambitious rookie Resistance pilots are joining the battles of X-Wing 2.0. They may lack experience, but their synergistic pilot abilities will serve them well in the upcoming battles they will face.

Joph Seastriker is our first rookie up, and he has a nice defensive ability that will keep him in the fight. After Joph loses 1 shield, he gains 1 evade token. This results in a nice defensive boost whenever he takes damage to make sure that any follow up shots after the first won’t take him out of the fight.

The go-to upgrade for Joph might be Shield Upgrade, but with an Astromech, he gets more usage out of his ability.R2 Astromech

An R2 Astromech with Joph will be a tough ship to take down. After Joph reveals his dial, he may spend 1 charge and gain 1 disarm token to recover 1 shield. This can serve him well after he has been engaged and lost his shields. He can break off from his attack to heal a shield and then head back into the fight, ready to evade more attacks. If Joph starts to take too much heat, his wingman can help him out.

Lieutenant Bastian

Lt. Bastian can fly alongside Joph for some nice synergy. Lt. Bastian has a pilot ability that allows him to acquire a lock on a ship that was dealt a damage card within range 1-2 of him. This applies for both friendly and enemy ships and has good uses for either. If an enemy ship is dealt a damage card, Lt. Bastian will have a lock to be used for his shot, which will most likely happen after all friendlies have fired since his initiative is 2.


But as a wingman to Joph Seastriker, Lieutenant Bastian can equip M9-G8 as an Astromech to help him out. While a ship that Lt. Bastian is locking performs an attack,  he may choose 1 attack die, and the attacker re-rolls that die.

This works for Joph after he takes a damage card, Lt. Bastian can use his lock to aid Joph in his attacks, or if his lock is on an enemy ship, he can use his lock to force a re-roll on a successful hit. Either way, these Resistance rookies will work well together in your next battle in X-Wing 2.0!

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