40k’s Newest Expansion Is Already On Pre-Order & New Gitz

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Suprise, there is a new expansion for Warhammer 40k, and it’s already on pre-order this week along with Wave two of the Gloomspite Gitz.

Games Workshop isn’t changing it’s release cycle too much in 2019. Hot off the press are new previews of 40k Urban Conquest and the new wave of Gloomspite Gitz

Are you feeling withdraws from the holiday spending season? Christmas cash burning a hole in your pocket? GW has the cure! Let’s take a look at the latest pre-order updates from Nottingham.

Urban Conquest

Urban Conquest makes it simpler than ever to set up and play campaigns of street-to-street warfare. This boxed set is designed to let any player build an epic campaign. By interlinking your games, you’ll be able to keep your gaming group busy for weeks, with each battle seeing players gain territory and resources. You’ll be able to create rich narratives, as well as testing your strategy skills as you plan your next move.

urban conquest set

You’ll find rules for playing Urban Conquest in the Urban Conquest rulebook – your guide to street combat in the 41st Millennium. This rulebook has Cities of Death rules for adding extra depth to your battlefields, Urban Battlezones, new missions, Stratagems, lore and more, making it an invaluable resource for any would-be campaign master.

The Streets of Death Cityscape Map, meanwhile, lets you create sprawling campaign maps in moments just by slotting cards into a plastic wallet, allowing you huge creative freedom when you play your campaigns as well as giving you a meaningful sense of progression when you play, as your holdings increase. Between games, you’ll be able to pin your map to the wall between games, or simply fold it away.

This set also includes some sweet ruins and new objectives that will really dress up your gaming board! Speaking of dressing it up, the new Manufactorum kit is the perfect way to build up your terrain collection!

The Manufactorum


While the Sector Mechanicus and Sector Imperialis terrain sets are already incredibly compatible, the Manufactorum set is designed to make for an aesthetic bridge between the two, depicting one of the countless factories that dot the urban battlefields of the 41st Millennium. Featuring brand-new sprues exclusive to this set, you’ll be able to build an impressive-looking Manufactorum right out of the box, or combine it with other sets to design your own constructions.

Wave 2: Gloomspite Gitz

GW says this second round of Gloomspite Gitz models are just as stunning and impressive as the first. They also promise that the support value of these models is second to none!

Take the troggoths – not only are the Rockgut Troggoths being updated with a new, super-customisable kit, but there’s an entirely new troggoth in town. The Dankhold Troggoth can be used as a mighty monster in its own right, or upgraded to a Dankhold Troggboss – a towering Leader choice who unlocks other Rockgut and Fellwater Troggoths as Battleline.


Not to be outdone, the Moonclan Grots are bringing their biggest beasts to bear with an all-new set of Mangler Squigs! Updated with an all-new plastic kit, this set is packed with customisation options that ensure if you want to use more than one of these fungoid despoilers in your army, no two need look alike. You’ll also be able to build a Moonclan Loonboss on Mangler Squigs – the ideal general for truly dedicated squig fans.

loonboss mangler

Gloomspite Gitz society revolves around the discovery and consumption of dangerous strains of fungus. To find the best rarest and most valuable mushrooms, Sneaky Snufflers use snufflesquigs, and they distribute their fungal prizes out to nearby grots during battle.

No less useful, are the Gobbapalooza – a pack of grot Heroes, taken as a single option, who offer all sorts of kunnin’ tricks to your army. Each of the Heroes in this characterful set provides special benefits to your force, like the poisonous Spiker or the hypnotic Boggleye.

Rounding out this new pre-order, we’ve got the Loonboss. Whose small stature and colorful appearance may fool you- this one’s nothing but tough! GW says you can let this one lead your smaller forces or use it to drive your units to their fullest fighting potential!
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