Easy Ways to Paint Chaos 40k Glowing Runes

By Barclay Montgomery | January 31st, 2019 | Categories: Airbrushing, Next Level Painting, Videos

Want to get some sick glow effects on your Chaos Marine Runes and icons? Don’t miss the latest Next Level Painting tutorial!

On the latest painting tutorials from Next Level Painting, we will revisit some glazing techniques that you can use to paint Chaos runes with a nice, Warp driven glowing effect worthy of any Chaos Lord. The main color scheme for these runes will be red, yellows, and oranges to give an otherworldly glow effect to show the true power of Chaos! 

To start off painting these Chaos runes we will need to get our wet palette going with our colors. Mephiston Red, Evil Suns Scarlet, Flash Gitz Yellow, and Troll Slayer Orange. Get these paints nice a thin utilizing a synthetic brush and a sable hair brush. Make sure you have your paints super thin, even using Flow Improver if you need to. We will start with one of our reds and start painting the Chaos star on the Obsidius Mallex model that we have here, focusing on the starbursts. Use multiple coats and makes sure that you maximize your dry time to add those glazing layers.

After you have finished glazing with your reds, use your orange colors to paint the center of the Chaos Rune. Lightly apply your orange colors to the center of the rune, allowing it to build up and blend in as much as you can. Use light brush pressure to ensure your glazing is on point. Rotate the model so that you can pool the paint where you want it to. Don’t forget to reinforce the yellows, blending them into your previous reds and oranges.

Now go back to your reds, keeping your colors super thin, and blend the reds and oranges together. Highlight the edges of the hammer runes using any kind of white color, rotating the model and keeping your paint lines straight.

As a final step, go back with your orange glazes to bring all of your paints together with a nice glowing effect worthy of Chaos Runes. Don’t forget to tune in next time to the Next Level Painting tutorials that will finish out Obsidius Mallex and his Chaos Runes!

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