New Custodes Jetpacks & Money Saving Bundles REVEALED

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Don’t miss the new Adeptus Custodes jetpack Venatari squad from Forge World and their new money-saving bundles that can save you some cash too!

Forge World’s latest unit is a band of flying Custodes. You’ll be able to use them in Horus Heresy and Warhammer40k and they’re even coming in some special deals online. Take a look at the latest deals that are up for pre-order now.

These pre-orders will ship on February 1st, 2019.

Legio Custodes Venatari Squad $62

venetari 1

Vaunted as a high honour among the Legio Custodes, the role of Custodian Venatari is reserved for a scant few – those with proven skill and mastery of the rare, sophisticated flight system and archeotech weapons they wield. The Venatari are specialists in hunting direct threats to the Emperor amidst the sprawl of the Palace walls and its spire-tops. 

A squad of three Venatari will actually cost you $62. If you already know you’re going to want more, however, Forge World is way ahead of you.

Legio Custodes Venatari Wing $166

venetari 2

The Venatari Wing is three squads rolled into one with a savings of $18.

If you go against a player that runs a lot of flyers, you can throw these guys at them and watch the Venatari go to work! The only thing worse than a Custode is a Custode with wings.

However, if you STILL can’t satiate your Venatari needs, They’ve got the Legio Custodes Venatari Detachment.

Legio Custodes Venatari Detachment $498

venetari 3

A whopping twenty-seven Venatari come in this pack loaded with their standard wargear that saves you over $50 off buying them in their 3 man squads!

Big E would only roll this many guys out if one of the Chaos gods was knocking on the palace doors.

Middle Earth General’s Accessories Pack $35

middle earth accessories pack

Fans of Middle Earth are getting a General’s Accessories bundle coming packed with tokens, rosters, and scenario cards that add a new level of depth and ease to the game.

But just how much are you getting exactly?

  • A single A4 fold-out guide to the rules, complete with page references to the Rules Manual to help you find the full rules
  • A pad of 50 A4 army roster sheets, each with enough space for 4 warbands
  • 12 A5 scenario cards, detailing all the matched play scenarios from the Rules Manual. These come in a handy packet for storage
  • 102 double-sided tokens, including two 6 Heroic Action markers, nine Nazgûl of Dol Guldur counters, as well as 16 wound tokens and 12 objective markers.

Forge World Brings in Citadel Paints to Webstore

fw citadel paint 1

Forge World also made an announcement that they were bringing in Citadel paints to their webstore. That way, they can continue you be a one-stop shop for hobbyists and gamers.

citadel paint fw

Washes, Bases, Layers, the whole nine yards! They’ve got everything you might need that the Citadel paint line has to offer. Make sure you go over some of the paints you might need for your next project the next time you order something from Forge World. -Cover all your bases with one click.

Forge World is being proactive by bringing in paints from Citadel to help ease the customer’s shopping time. On top of that, they’ve been really quiet about their new fantastic Custodes models, but it’s been a welcome surprise seeing them drop for pre-order already!

What are your thoughts on the Venatari? Are you going to use them in 30k or 40k? Will you just go to your local store to buy Citadel paint over ordering it from Forge World? Let us know in the comments of our Facebook Hobby Group.


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