GW Announces New Chaos Space Marines!

By Rob Baer | January 6th, 2019 | Categories: News / Rumors, Warhammer 40k

eternal crusade abaddon

Are they really only 80 days away? GW just previewed a new Chaos Marine and Abaddon looks to be in the background! Don’t miss this!

Followers of the ruinous powers rejoice for the return of Chaos may not be that far off!

Hot on the heels of their big video announcement thought the narrative of Haarken Wordclaimer about the potential return of Chaos this spring, we have a pic of what appears to be a new Chaos Lord and an ominous silhouette of Abaddon in the background!

Let’s look at the latest:

A big teaser that is sure to kick off tons of speculation about future releases of Chaos Space Marines appeared back on December 16th.  Games Workshop put a 37-second second teaser recently proclaiming the return of Chaos:

We Have Returned!

The video ends in a countdown clock to a date 80 days from now. Well, technically 20 days have elapsed since then putting the countdown currently at about 60 days:

From the timing above it appears the video indicates March 5th 2019, but what exactly may happen that day is still very much a mystery. Regardless of what happens then, this video is sure to jump-start the hype train much like the oversized wrench video did on August 14th for Orktober.


Speaking of timing, that buggy video also came out about 80 days before the Speed Freeks box set hit store shelves as well.

warhammer open

At the New Years Open Games Workshop dropped one little image that seems to support the return of Chaos and possibly a Vigilus part two campaign book

Hobby Hero Garro showed what they preview on the floor at their event below:

new chaos new years open

And the official preview from GW:

new chaos new years open sm

While we can’t tell you anything about this guy yet, it’s safe to say he’s not a good guy – and the Imperium is in for some very dark days indeed…

From the picture itself, it appears that not only are there Primaris Space Marines depicted, but also the outstretched Talon of Horus in the top right seems to indicate the presence of Abaddon himself.

CSI Robbie B is on the case breaking down the teaser:

new chaos new years open sm primaris

Space Marines of a Primaris Variety?

new chaos new years open sm abaddon

The unmistakable Talon of Horus wielded by Abaddon the Despoiler.

Is this enough evidence to support the advancing of the 40k story-line putting Abaddon on a crash course for Vigilus (and the Primaris Marines) after his actions at Cadia?

Perhaps we will also see a new miniature for the Despoiler that Warhammer hobbyists have been clamoring for since the 1990s.  One thing is for sure, now we have more previews to look forward to for the potential arrival of Chaos and a new edition of Vigilus.

What do you think is coming? Let us know in comments of our Facebook Hobby Group. 

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