GW Rumor Engine: A New Primaris Weapon?

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A new rumor engine from GW appeared showing what we think is the end of a new flamer-type weapon. Let’s go over a few of the major points.

Games Workshop dropped another rumor engine showcasing a bit that looks like what WE think is a Primaris flamer weapon. Take a look for yourself.

Wanna Turn up the Heat?

rumor engine 1-8-2019

Breaking down the rumor engine bit, it looks like a flamer may be on the way. What makes us think it’s a flamer? Well, the massive heat shield and flame-holder at the end of the bit are a few good places to start. But who does this belong to exactly? We think it’s the Imperium, specifically Primaris.

The plating and grip on the model look to clean to be something like an Ork weapon. Plus, it’s absolutely nothing like the Eldar/Tyranids.

primaris imperial fist

Taking a look at the size of the bit, the thing looks like it might actually be pretty big. Maybe about the size of a Hellblaster plasma gun. Could this be just a new weapon selection for some Primaris Intercessors? Or is there a new squad of Primaris coming with five flamers in the unit? They will be the bane of any kind of charging unit.

Space Marine’s DO need some kind of protection against melee-favoring horde armies like Orks and some Tyranid lists. Space Marines don’t have the model count to survive a few successful charges from those types of factions simply because they can take squads of thirty and tie up multiple squads.

deathwatch aggressors

Adding in five heavy flamers to a single squad would result in the enemy avoiding them like the plague. (it’s important to note that these would be different from the flamers Primaris Aggressors come with. We’re talking about maybe just D6 auto-hits with -1 AP.)

What do you think this rumor engine could be? Is this a hand-held flamer or something mounted on a vehicle? Let us know what you think in the comments of our Facebook Hobby Group. 

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