Mollog’s Mob Warband Nightvault Rules REVEALED

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Mollog’s Mob is the Warband we’ve been seeing preview after preview for a while now. However, GW finally decided to give us some rules!

Coming from Games Workshop, Mollog’s Mob is the Warband with the big Troggoth that hits like a truck and his “trusty” companions. Take a look at his rules to see exactly how he’ll be playing on the table. Don’t forget they all have rules in the Gloomspite Gitz battletome as well!

Mollog’s Mob Warband Rules

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Starting with Mollog himself, he’s got the largest wound pool out of any character we’ve seen from Warhammer Underworlds. The more you wound him, the angrier he gets. Once he’s taken three wounds, he flips and becomes inspired. Once he becomes inspired, you can essentially move AND charge during a round.

He’s deceptively fast and can really bash some heads around with a 4 flat damage club or a sweeping blow that targets everyone around him.

The Bat Squig

bat squig

The Bat Squig is decently fast but is really nothing more than a gnat in your enemy’s ear. He can’t be given any upgrades or hold objectives so your best option with him is to really just annoy the opponent. He gets inspired when a friendly model takes three or more wound tokens. Essentially, when he sees big bad Mollog get hurt, he gets angry.



Stalagsquig isn’t so much a fighter as a particularly deadly piece of terrain – one that’s key to success with Mollog’s Mob. Deployable in ANY unoccupied hex – including objectives! – this guy lets you undermine enemy plans before they’ve even had a chance to get started.

Funny enough, the Stalagsquig can’t actually move. He’s yet another annoyance your enemy has to deal with while a giant Troggoth lumbers towards them.



This fighter is a ticking timebomb…literally. He’s got a reaction built in where when he dies, he automatically deals one wound to every enemy adjacent to him. He’s good for chasing down the ones who thought they were lucky enough to escape Mollog’s wrath.

Mollog’s Cards

mollog's cards

Shrouded in Gloom will help prevent enemies from picking you off at range, while Horrific Stench allows you to engage much more safely with large groups. Meanwhile, Got Them gives you some Glory for being next to enemy fighters, allowing you to grab key upgrades early on!

mollog's cards 2

The Stalagsquig may not be able to move but he’s an invaluable asset to your force. The cards are what really makes him useful.

Hobble lets you slow down enemies, There the Whole Time lets you return a Stalagsquig to the battlefield and Rooted to the Spot lets you hold objectives, allowing for more control-based strategies.

All in all, Mollog’s Warband is really geared towards teamwork with Mollog being the star player. If you let your opponent focus him down early on, the game will be over very shortly for you. Don’t underestimate the power of your Squiggly companions.

What do you think about Mollog himself? Is he as tanky as you thought he’d be? Are you going to be picking up this Warband? Let us know in the comments of our Facebook Hobby Group.

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