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Get ready to spice things up soon with the six new sets of Necromunda upgrades along with two new Bloodbowl Characters this New Year! Check out the latest releases.

Necromunda is a small skirmish game where players fight for dominance using a gang in the 41st millennium. With a game so small, the last thing you want is your gang to look “rank and file”. Looks like players can customize their gangs even more with these new upgrades.

Forge World just announced that the Necromunda head sets that were previewed a while ago are finally available for pre-order. We’ve known about the Necromunda upgrades, but the Blood Bowl characters are a complete surprise.

Everything will ship on January 11. 2019.

Van Saar Head Kit $19

van saar head

van saar head 2

Starting with the Van Saar, these guys are the most technology-heavy gang in the game. They prefer to stay well out of the hands of melee and would much rather just blast you from a distance. Their unique look features half-faced gas masks and all sorts of braided hair.

Orlock Head Kit $19

oorlock head kit 1

Roll the Orlocks with their new heads featuring a mix of gas masks and goggles. If you’re wanting to start some Orlocks from scratch and still try on the new heads, the Most Wanted set is perfect for you.

House Orlock Most Wanted $59

oorlock head kit 2

The Orlocks are your classic post-apocalyptic style gang. They can be very middle of the road with decent shooting and melee. You’ll get the full gang with the newest heads included all in one bundle.

Goliath Head Kit 1 $19

goliath head kit 1

The gangers who fight in the name of House Goliath are hulking brutes, each a pillar of muscle and pent-up violence ready to be unleashed. These massive warriors are the product of House Goliath work clans, each of them gene-hanced using stimm-elixirs traded from House Escher for a life of punishing labour and hardship in the depths of the House’s foundries and refineries.

This set of heads features masks and mohawks galore. If you’d rather see your ganger’s faces, however, there’s another option.

Goliath Head Kit 2 $19

goliath head kid 2

A second kit for Goliath is up for pre-order showing the bare faces that make up the gang. But Of course, they’re still rocking the mohawk trend.

House Goliath Most Wanted With Head Kit 1 $59

goliath head kit 2

The Goliath gang are the bullies of the game. They’re all big dudes that can pack a punch in melee. Roll these dudes out on the table with their punk haircuts and masks meant to strike fear in the opponent with a brand new set of models (so you don’t have to pluck the heads off of your already-painted models).

Escher Head Kit $19

escher head kit 1

Of course, the Eschers are the ladies of the bunch. Killing in style was never so easy with these new heads!

House Escher Most Wanted $59

escher head kit 2

Just like the other Gangs, Escher got a new set of heads as well as a bundle deal for the entire squad.

House Cawdor Head Kit $19

cawdor head kit 1

Rock the heads for some sweet conversions or pop them onto your cawdor gang you’ve been running!

House Cawdor Most Wanted $59


cawdor head kit 2

And last but not least, House Cawdor is rolling in with the classic “Imperial slum fanatic” look. Leather hoods and masks combined with a few iron cages never fit so well! You can grab the heads by themselves or in a bundle with the entire gang for one buy!

Two New Blood Bowl Characters from Forge World

Helmet Wulf $28

helmet wulf

In 2483 it is the height of the chainsaw craze and Helmut Wulf has risen to prominence as a master of his craft. In a memorable match against the now-disbanded Bogstaff Beardlings, he broke a strong cage formation single-handedly by leaping into the middle and spinning around wildly. How he survived (especially considering how very slippery it suddenly gets) is a mystery, but there’s no doubt that the man’s got style.

Helmet Wulf is a bit of an idol and can be played in Amazon, Chaos Renegades, Human, Lizardmen, Norse, and Vampire teams. Everyone wants a slice of ol’ Helmet.  (And yes, he’s lugging around a two-handed chainsaw.)

Karla Von Kill $28

karla von kill

In 2483 Karla helped the Hellfires quit the backwater circuit and start hitting some of the bigger stadiums. She has proven herself a natural Blitzer, always leading the team from the front.

Karla Von Kill also happens to be another star player that can be included in Amazon, Halfling, Human,  and Norse teams. She’s quick on her feet and ready to score!

Human All-Stars Bundle $56

human all stars

Add new Star Players to your Blood Bowl teams with two of the greatest Human players ever to take to the pitch!

If you wanted both of them, grab these all-stars in a bundle deal! Rules for both of these players can be found in the inaugural Blood Bowl Almanac.

What do you think about Forge World’s latest pre-order lineup? Which kits will you be picking up? Let us know in the comments of our Facebook Hobby Group.

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