New Imperial Tank & More For Star Wars Legion


The team at FFG are about to change the game of Star Wars Legion forever. Come see the latest pre-orders for new vehicles.

Star Wars Legion, for the most part, has been a foot slogging battle of wits in the Star Wars universe. Now the creative team at Fantasy Flight Games have announced some new rides for both factions that might just flip the way the game is played on its head.

Let’stake a look at these two new pre-orders from FFG!

Occupier Combat Assault Tank Unit Expansion: $59.95

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For the Galactic Empire, conquering a planet is only the beginning of the battle. Massive vehicles like AT-STs and elite shock troops like Imperial Death Troopers may be effective at sweeping across battlefields and capturing new territory, but they rarely stick around to hold this ground. A TX-225 GAVw Occupier Combat Assault Tank, however, is more than enough to quell any resistance to Imperial occupation.



Heavily armed and capable of carrying either cargo or personnel, one of these tanks can be a versatile asset to stormtrooper detachments on occupation duty. With the TX-225 GAVw Occupier Combat Assault Tank Unit Expansion, your Imperial armies gain a single finely sculpted, menacing TX-225 miniature that can work in tandem with your ground troops to impose the Empire’s will wherever it’s assigned. In addition to this beautiful miniature, this expansion also contains all the unit cards, upgrade cards, and tokens that you’ll need to add one to your armies and outfit it for battle.


X-34 Landspeeder Unit Expansion: $49.95

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Unable to match the Empire’s production of military equipment, the Rebel Alliance makes do with whatever they have on hand—which often means converting civilian vehicles into weapons of war. In addition to being outfitted with stolen weaponry to support Rebel soldiers in combat, the nondescript appearance of these vehicles is often useful in avoiding capture. With an X-34 Landspeeder in your arsenal, you’ll be able to adapt one of the Star Wars saga’s most iconic speeders to fit your needs on the battlefields of the Galactic Civil War.


Already a speedy craft thanks to its powerful repulsor engine, an X-34 Landspeeder becomes a threat to even the toughest Imperial opponents when driven by an experienced pilot and equipped with an assortment of weapons. The X-34 Landspeeder Unit Expansion adds one X-34 landspeeder miniature—complete with two unique weapon options—to your Rebel armies. Along with the beautifully sculpted, finely detailed miniature, you’ll also find a unit card and all the tokens you need to get your X-34 up and running in this expansion, as well as a range of upgrade cards to customize it to your specific battle plans.

These new expansions are going to be a great addition to this game of galactic combat. Make sure you visit Fantasy Flight Games learn more about these new expansions today!

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