Orks In The Top 3 Unbeatable 40k Army Lists Again

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The 40k Meta is changing with Orks, and Chaos starting to dominate the tops of tournaments worldwide. Check out the latest top three winning lists!

The Goldensprue Cup was held in New York over the weekend and unique lists were spotted everywhere. Let’s go over the top three lists and how they may have been piloted!

Thanks to Best Coast Pairings, we can look back at all the details from the tournament.

1st Place: Sean Nayden- Ynnari

ynarri yvraine

Starting off with the Ynnari Battalion, Eldrad was brought along for psychic shenanigans. Ultimately, he can help to stop Magnus/Ahriman lists that are running rampant, and help with buffs as well. Yncarne bounces around when things die with seven -4 AP 6 damage attacks, and also has a fearless bubble to boot.  Maugen Ra was fielded along with some Shining Spears which have always been a fantastic hard-hitter in 8th.

sean nayden GS tourney

A cheap Dark Eldar Detachment with some Wwyches covered the backfield and held objectives. To add more icing on the cake, the Dark Eldar stratagems were unlocked.

Most cheap screens have horrible Leadership. To help clear away some of the bodies, a Vanguard detachment of Death Jesters were taken to shred the morale of enemy troops.

2nd Place: Jim Vesal- Thousand Sons

Thousand Sons

Looking at Thousand Sons, Ahriman and a trio of Daemon Princes with Talons were taken. As a side note, the Talons on a Daemon Prince can pop tanks and shred infantry. They’re solid, to say the least in 8th. A Tzaangor bomb slammed into the enemy lines to crack defenses and buy time for the rest of the army.

jim vesal

Speaking of the rest of the army, sixty Plaguebearers with support from a Sloppity Bilepiper and a Poxbringer marched up the board ever so slowly (thank you Nurgle). Luckily, the Tzaangor bomb mixed with twenty-eight other Horrors was enough for the enemy to chew through while the Plaguebearers eventually made it up the table.

In conclusion, This list capitalized on the best HQs and troops that Daemons have to offer. And of course, it always helps to have Magnus Lite with you.

3rd Place: Steven Pampreen- Orks

Ork Feature wal hor

Orks have always been a horde army, so this list is massive. Breaking down the detachments, Evil Sunz Boyz in a Battalion ran up the board thanks to their extra speed from the Clan Kultur. Bad Moonz Lootaz in a Battalion detachment full of Gretchin for the bonus CP and better shooting skills.

GS orks 1


gs orks 2

gs orks 3

And lastly, a Brigade detachment of Deffskullz kitted with anti-tank units were taken along as the Vigilus Dread Mob to buff the Big Meks.

Deffskullz are the luckiest of the Ork Clans and get free re-rolls off of their Kultur. Therefore, it’s actually best to take low-shot/high-damage weaponry with them…Which is exactly what this player did.

The Meta is Fresh Once Again

Ork Wal Hor

For the longest time, we saw the same Imperial lists placing at the top and there was hardly any variety. However, now, the meta seems to be the healthiest it’s ever been. Sure, there are still Castellans, Mortarions, and Smash Captains running around, but at least that’s not all we’re seeing.

As a side note: Orks have actually placed at the top over the past three tournaments we’ve covered. In other words, maybe the Ork codex isn’t so bad after all!

How do you like these armies? Do you play a similar list? How do you deal with the meta bruisers like the Castellans and Mortarions? Let us know in the comments of our Facebook Hobby Group. 

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