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Kobold Press

If you love RPG’s don’t miss these great game aides for your next D&D campaign as we take a look at the new Creature Codex Cards from Kobold Press.

The Creature Codex from Kobold Press is a great way to add some new monsters or great archvillains to your Fantasy 5E games. Now it is even easier with the addition of these new game aids. Let’stake a look.

Creature Card Codex: Low-Level Creatures with Tuck Box$19.99

Kobold Press

The Creature Card Codex: Low-Level Creatures includes almost 90 creatures from the innovative Creature Codex in a portable format that is easy to clip to your DM screen or tuck into your module notes! Featuring all the creatures up to and including challenge rating two, the deck includes the creepy alien Flesh Reaver, the charming Wind Weasel, as well as various Ratfolk, Kitsune, and more.

Kobold Press

Creature Card Codex: Low-Level Creatures
Complete Card List

01. Acid Ant
02. Agnibarra
03. Ahuizotl
04. Alkonost
05. Alliumite
06. Alp
07. Anophiloi
08. Arcamag
09. Bearmit Crab
10. Bilwis
11. Bookkeeper
12. Boot Grabber
13. Carbuncle
14. Cauldronborn
15. Chupacabra
16. Corpse Thief
17. Dhampir
18. Dinosaur, Archaeopteryx
19. Dinosaur, Lystrosaurus
20. Dinosaur, Nodosaurus
21. Dragonborn, Edjet
22. Dragonborn, Elem.
23. Dragonborn, Heavy Cavalry
24. Dragonborn, Light Cavalry
25. Dream Squire
26. Exploding Toad
27. Fear Liath
28. Flame Eater Swarm
29. Flesh Reaver
30. Foxin
31. Fungi, Wirbeln
32. Goblin, Chaos-Spawn
33. Goblin, Shadow
34. Goreling
35. Grindylow
36. Gumienniki
37. Inkling
38. Kallikantzaros
39. Kappa
40. Kitsune
41. Kuunganisha
42. Lady In White
43. Leonino
44. Living Shade
45. Lou Carcolh
46. Mandrake & Great
47. Morko
48. Moth, Giant
49. Moth, G. Rimewing
50. Moth, G. Shockwing
51. Moth, G. Sootwing
52. Nalusa Falaya
53. Necrotic Tick
54. Ooze, Alch Apprent
55. Ooze, Suppurating
56. Orc, Black Sun
57. Orc, Black Sun Priestess
58. Orc, Green Abyss
59. Phantom
60. Rageipede
61. Ratfolk Mercenary
62. Ratfolk Warlock
63. Roachling Scout
64. Roggenwolf
65. Scitalis
66. Shadow Blight
67. Shard Swarm
68. Sigilian
69. Simian, Kapi
70. Simian, Vanara
71. Skeleton, Clacking
72. Skeleton, Shadow
73. Skull Lantern
74. Snow Cat
75. Spider, Crypt
76. Storm Spirit
77. Sunset Raptor
78. Terror Bird
79. Weasel, Albino Death
80. Weasel, Wind
81. Weirding Scroll
82. White Stag
83. Wind Eater
84. Wolpertinger
85. Woodwose
86. Yakirian
87. Yann-An-Oed
88. Zoog

These cards are a great way to keep the clutter down when you are prepping for a night of adventure with your friends and family. Make sure you visit Kobold Press and secure your copy of these cards today!

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