A Deep Seeded Grudge: Crimson Fist LORE

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Come and learn how the Crimson Fist chapter fought of an onslaught on their homeworld and the deep seeded grudge that they have toward one Xenos race!

The tale of the Crimsons Fists is one of blood and vengeance. Come learn how a planetary defense went horribly wrong.

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Crimson Fists

Their homeworld was invaded by Orks in mid-M41. The Crimson Fists, led by Captain Drakken of the 3rd company had earlier tried to sabotage an Ork Waaagh building on the nearby world Badlanding, but failed. The Orks rallied under Warlord Snagrod — the Arch-arsonist of Charadon — and invaded in response, despite the almost suicidal nature of invading a Space Marine homeworld. The odds shifted in the Orks’ favour when the Crimson Fists fortress-monastery was destroyed by a stray missile from its own defence system. Of more than six hundred space marines stationed there, only sixteen (among them Chapter Master Pedro Kantor and Brother-Captain Cortez) escaped the blast. Circumstantial evidence, and coincidences have led some to believe the Officio Assassinorum may have had a hand in the strange destruction of the fortress-monastery, but no concrete evidence has ever come to light.

Crimson Fists last stand

The last two-hundred and eighteen surviving Space Marines on Rynn’s World consolidated their defences at the planet’s capitol, New Rynn City, and managed to stave off the invasion after a furious, 18-month siege behind the city’s walls. The siege was broken by a relief force of more than 2200 ships and elements of 6 Space Marine Chapters (amongst them the Ravenwing of the Dark Angels ), the Titan Legions, and the Imperial Navy. With no more than a hundred surviving marines the Chapter came close to being disbanded due to irrecoverable battle losses, but have since managed to recover. The chapter is back to half its original strength as of late M41.


Since the Ork invasion, the Fists have sworn vengeance on all Ork-kind.

During the Imperial attempts to reclaim the planet of Entymion IV, the Crimson Fists answered a request for reinforcements. During the first assault, the Crimson Fists’ commander, Captain Reinez, discovered the presence of the Soul Drinkers on the planet after suffering an attack by Tellos. Additional companies arrived led by ChaplainInhuaca, but their campaign ended in failure as Entymion IV was lost and the Soul Drinkers successfully accomplished their goals and escaped off world


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