A New Chaos Daemon Walker SPOTTED?

By Wesley Floyd | April 2nd, 2019 | Categories: Chaos, GW Rumor Engine, Warhammer Community

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We’re back with a bit of a surprising rumor Daemon engine. It looks like GW has two different walkers on the way with the first being the Venomcrawler.

Warhammer Community stayed true to fashion and posted up another rumor Daemon engine. It has us scratching our heads because it looks like it’s obviously a walker leg…but we’ve already see one walker we’re getting. (Remember the Venomcrawler)? So what could this model look like?

Chaos Is Getting Two New Walkers?

rumor engine 2-28-19

Jumping right in, this is the rumor engine they revealed. It’s got all the classic iconography and spikey bits you’d expect from a Daemon Engine. However, the thing that has us scratching our heads is what exactly kind of role this walker is going to serve and how big it’ll be.

chaos venom crawler

With the Venomcrawler already previewed, we can see that its legs are very similar, however, don’t quite match up perfectly. For example, the trim on the rumor engine in slightly different and there are two angled spikes on the leg rather than three  (like the Venomcrawler).

So what could this thing be looking like? Well, our initial thought was that some kind of fast unit of smaller spider-like walkers could be coming. The Venomcrawler has some decent size to it and could be the “mama” of the other smaller walkers if that’s what the bit is going to. We can make the comparison to the Achilles Ridgerunner and the Atalan Jackals for GSC. They are themed around each other, however, are different units.

rumor engine 2-18-19

We saw this rumor engine back in the earlier part of February. It showcased some kind of new weapon we’ve never seen before mounted to the top of something very similar to the Venomcrawler. However, do we think this is part of the Venomcrawler? Not anymore. We feel like we might be seeing some kind of smaller walkers that may travel in packs and be loaded out with that new weapon from above. Who knows, maybe the Venomcrawler will have a built-in rule to buff them somehow.

Or this could be two images of the very same model? The painted one from the stater set looking a lot more of the Easy to Build (ETB) variety than the Multi-part kit looking bits from the two rumor engines above.

bloat drones etb venomcrawler

Multi-part kit left, ETB right

That would not be unprecedented either, remember the Nurgle Bloat drone in the Dark Imperium Starter came initially as an ETB model, and later as a multi-part kit with extra options like a fleshmower!


What are your thoughts on the rumor Daemon engine? Would you like to see a multi-model unit of smaller spider walkers? Let us know in the comments of our Facebook Hobby Group.

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