Chaos Uppercut: New Power Fist Teaser SPOTTED!

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Chaos Uppercut! A new teaser is here and it looks like the power fist is getting a sleek new design to pummel forces of the Imperium with. Don’t miss this!

Warhammer Community previewed yet another rumor Daemon engine bit showcasing what can only be a new power fist sculpt. Check out the details and try to think outside the box!

Power Fist’s Sleek New Design

rumor engine 2-20-19

Most of the time, we have to really guess on what we’re looking at for rumor engines. However, it looks like GW gave us an easy one. You can definitely tell that this is a power fist belonging to some kind of Chaos Marine…hence the spiked gold trim and edgy finger-claws.

It appears to look similar to the Death Guard champion from 2017 in design, so perhaps this is for the base Chaos Marines, and not anything more Daemon-y?

Now, let’s talk about the power fist for a minute. We know it’s the cheap alternative to a thunder hammer that can have somewhat of the same damage output. The downside is you’re still getting the -1 to hit and the damage is random. So, could this maybe be a new power fist exclusive to Chaos? Or is this just a new sculpt? We feel like GW wouldn’t preview a bit we’ve seen a hundred times across all kinds of models unless there was a deeper meaning behind it.

kharn chaos red patch

Could this perhaps be a flat 2 damage power fist? Could it be one that suffers no -1 to hit? We know that you’ll probably find the most power fists in a Khorne Berserker list just because that’s their real tank-popping weapon. It would be a huge buff to them if Games Workshop graced them with a new power fist…but who knows! it could just be an updated power fist sculpt after all.

What are your thoughts on a new power fist weapon? Would you rather have flat 2 damage or lose the -1 to hit? Let us know in the comments of our Facebook Hobby Group.

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