Critical Corran: X-Wing 2.0 Ship Build

By Barclay Montgomery | March 20th, 2019 | Categories: Star Wars Tactics, X-Wing 2.0

Corran Horn

Corran Horn is known for getting in an extra shot, so why not make the most of those by adding some criticals to each attack!

Corran Horn

Corran Horn is blasting into the tabletops of X-Wing 2.0, making Imperial players sad with his ability to attack twice a turn. At Initiative 0, Corran may perform a bonus primary attack against an enemy ship in his bulls-eye firing arc. The only downside: in his next turn, he must gain 1 disarm token. This double attack can end an enemy ship in one activation, so its best to make it count. His Experimental Scanners will also play a big part in this build, as getting those target locks early, beyond range 3, can go a long way into helping his attacks count.Marksmanship

Corran Horn is known for his skills as a pilot, so it’s entirely fitting to give him Marksmanship as a talent upgrade. This talent allows Corran to change 1 hit result to a critical if the defender is in his bulls-eye firing arc while hi performs a primary attack. Since Corran’s bonus attack counts as a primary attack for all intents and purposes, and his bonus attack must be on a target in his bulls-eye arc, it makes sense to be able to change a hit to a crit on each of his attacks. This critical barrage will end those Imperial ships in no time! R3 Astomech

Since Corran has Experimental Scanners and can attain target locks beyond range 3, an R3 Astromech will help him greatly. This Astromech buddy allows Corran to maintain up to 2 locks, each on different objects. This could be on 2 enemy ships that Corran has marked for death with his double attack! Adv. Proton Torpedoes

Advanced Proton Torpedoes is a nice torpedo upgrade that can add some extra critical damage to an enemy ship. This torpedo requires a lock to fire 5 attack dice on an enemy ship at range 1, and can be useful for attacking an enemy ship that managed to escape your bulls-eye arc. You may also spend 1 charge to change one of your hits to a crit, pushing for those faceup damage cards. Fire-Control System

If you do manage to catch a locked enemy ship in your bulls-eye arc for your double attack, make use of a Fire-Control System. This sensor upgrade allows you to re-roll 1 attack die if you have a lock on the defender. With 2 locks on enemy ships from your R2 Astromech, Corran Horn will be a tough ship to evade in X-Wing 2.0!

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