Look Out Sir Comes To Titanicus: New Maniple SPOTTED

By Wesley Floyd | February 1st, 2019 | Categories: Adeptus Titanicus, News / Rumors

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A new Maniple for Adeptus Titanicus has been spotted on the web. Titans are about to get a lot harder to kill with their new-found protection!

Recently spotted on Imgur, a new Maniple looks to be on the way to Adeptus Titanicus, bringing the total of new Maniples to 5 this month after the Titandeath release. Titanicus fans are going to have hours of play just discovering the ways all of these new Maniples (and Legio rules for that matter) work!

While it’s not been confirmed, we think this Maniple could be from the Feburary White Dwarf Magazine issue.

Dominus Battleforce Maniple

dominus maniple

Looking at the description of the maniple at the top of the page, this formation is literally designed to bubblewrap your Titans in cheaper models.

…It allows Vassal Knights to offer close support to the Titans, often shielding them with their hulls of incoming fire.

So how does this all work in-game exactly?

dominus maniple 2

To even bring this Maniple, you’re going to have to have a Warlord, two Reavers, and one Questoris or Cerastus Knight Banner. You’re more than welcome to bring some Warhounds and more Banners if you’ve got the points. -But those are just optional.

Auspex bafflers: serve as radar jammers to the enemy. The Knight Banners hugging up to a Titan can basically create a nasty feedback loop of signals to jam the enemy’s targetting arrays. If you’ve got a Knight Banner within 6″ of a Titan and both units are visible to the attacker, the enemy Titan is -1 to hit. The trade-off, of course, is that your Knight Banners can never benefit from Obscurring cover.

Noble Sacrifice: Essentially gives your Titans a Look out Sir! ability. The crazy thing is that you don’t even have to roll for it! As long as you’ve got a Banner of Knights within 6″ of a Titan and both units are visible to the enemy, the Knight can take the hit. If it gets hit with a Blast weapon, you just re-center the template over the Knight Banner hip-checking the Titan.

Blast templates have a 5″ diameter and your Knight Banners are allowed to be within 6″. What we’re saying is positioning will be key, nonetheless. Titans are about to get a lot harder to kill.

Mother Duck Meta

mother duck

If you play 40k, you’ll know this Maniple is almost exactly how the Tau work with their Drones. Clearing the chaff first might be a better option than just going for the throat. Warlords are going to look like mother Ducks as their Knight Banners follow close behind!

Ultimately, what do you think about the Maniple? What weapon systems are best at clearing out the smaller Knight Banners? Is it worth the points to bring a bunch of Knight Banners as meat shields? Let us know in the comments of our Facebook Hobby Group.

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