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It’s a tidal wave of new Space Marine models as the White Scars, Blood Angels, and more are getting all kinds of new models from Forge World soon!

Hobby Hero Garro managed to snap some pictures at the Horus Hersey seminar showcasing Blood Angels, White Scars, and more Legion-specific armaments. Let’s take a look at everything the Imperium and its Traitors will be getting with additional previews from Games Workshop as well.

White Scar Support

white scar 1

White Scars are sticking to their roots in weaponry and armor. Two new Praetor kits (one in power armor and the other in Terminator armor) are on the way.

Indeed, we reckon being a Land Raider-sized armour-clad icon of death probably just about makes up for not being able to ride a bike anymore…

white scar 2

Keeping up with the Blood Angels and Night Lords Leviathans, the White Scars are getting their own exclusive Dreadnought model. The classic Lightning strike insignia is front and center on this war machine.

The designers were also kind enough to share some tantalizing early concepts they’re working on, including unique White Scars Terminators and a Contemptor Dreadnought with a massive jump pack. Yes, really!


Being White Scars, it’s only fitting that their Terminators are getting Power Naginatas. We don’t know the stats on the Ebon Keshig Terminators just yet, but they are more than likely going to be able to mulch some power armor.

white scar 4

One of the White Scars signature tactics of war is furious speed. Because of this, they’re getting their own Assault Speeder called the Kyzagan and it’s packed with firepower.

More Blood Angels Dropping In

blood angels 1

The named First Captain of the Blood Angels is getting his own model. He’s cleaning the blade after completely severing the arm of a Daemon that looks to be about five times his size.


Because Blood Angels have a fascination with flying, they decided to strap on a Jump Pack to a Contemptor with claws. If any Legion was going to do this, it would definitely be the Blood Angels.

Titans in The Heresy

hh knight 1



Mechanicum Acastus Knight Asterius

The Mechanicum are rolling out a new Titan to deal with the Traitors called the Asterius. Of course, with the science behind the Mechanicum’s Wargear, we can only imagine what kind of destruction the twin “electro-looking” cannons can do.

warlord weapons 1

The Warlord Titan is getting two new weapons added to its arsenal. The Macro Gatling Blaster and the Mori Quake Cannon. Because it didn’t have enough firepower already.

hh book 1

Book four (Conquest) and Book Six (Retribution) are going to be coming out in a softcover edition. No details on the release or anything past the pictures you see here.

Models Spotted on Display

These models were basking in the light from display cases at the event. Painted up in all their glory, the seminaor previews really dont do justice to the miniatures themselves!

white scar praetor

Both White Scars Praetors

white scar contemptor

White Scar Contemptor

white scar speeder

Kyzagan Assault Speeder

WS leviathan

White Scars Leviathan

BA first captain

Raldoron- First Captain of the Blood Angels

SW deathsworn

Space Wolf Deathsworn

mechanicum titan

Asterius Titan, and a new Imperialis Militia Battle Tank Variant?

Forge World looks to be combing back over older models and updating them with Legion-specific ornaments…We’ve seen the Blood Angels, Night Lords, and now White Scars get their own Leviathans, for example. What could be next?

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