RUMORS: New Abaddon’s Trophy Rack of Horrors?

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Warhammer Community showcased a new rumor Daemon engine with the classic spikes of Chaos. But these may not be just any spikes…

Warhammer Community has been on a roll with these new bit teasers. With the way things are going, Chaos is looking to have a ton in store for the tabletop. Looking at the latest bit from the rumor Daemon engine, it might strike an alarming resemblance to something we’ve seen before.

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Rumor Daemon Engine: A Trophy Rack of Horrors

rumor engine 2-19-19

Without any further delay, here’s the bit. No self-respecting Loyalist would ever wear a Cadian helmet on their Terminator armor. But you know who would? Abaddon. He was responsible for Leroy Jenkins’ing a Blackstone Fortress into the planet after all.

chaos terminator

In all seriousness, doesn’t that look like the classic trophy rack that Chaos Terminators (including Abaddon) all have? The idea of the rumor engine bit being Abaddon’s isn’t too crazy of a claim. We’ve already seen him previewed in a video standing on top of a dead Primaris Lieutenant after all.

It’s a little odd that they never go above his arms to show anything. But that’s just to create suspense and to have some ammunition for the rumor Daemon engine! 

If for whatever reason this isn’t Abaddon’s trophy rack, then it would be a safe bet that new Chaos Terminators are on the way. Now, Terminators aren’t the only thing in the Chaos forces that has trophy racks, but none of the others have racks that have the slight curve (because it’s on angled Terminator armor) like that.

What are your thoughts on the new rumor Daemon engine? Is this specifically for Abaddon’s armor or could this be a new Terminator model? Did you spot something we didn’t see? Let us know in the comments of our Facebook Hobby Group.  

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