40k’s Top Unbeatable Army Lists From North East Open

By Wesley Floyd | February 21st, 2019 | Categories: Tabletop Gaming, Warhammer 40k, Warhammer Army Lists

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Where are the Castellans? It is starting to look like Warhammer 40k is in a place where all kinds of lists have what it takes to be competitive in 2019.

40k tournaments are always being held just about anywhere you go. However, some are bigger than others. Looking at the 2019 North East Open, we’ll be breaking down the top three-ish lists and how they worked.

Thanks to Best Coast Pairings, we are able to look back in time and check out the details of the matches!

1st Place: Mani Cheema- Deathwatch & Friends

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A grand total of three detachments were taken in Mani’s list. The real workhorses of the army were the three BA Smash Captains in a Supreme Command detachment. Plus, we can’t forget about the Deathwatch Battalion full of decked-out Veterans. (Everyone has different ways they like to kit these guys. It really comes down to preference as to what you want). These were mainly kitted out with storm bolters, storm shields, and power mauls.


Lastly, a dirt cheap Brigade of Guard was taken as a CP battery for the other two detachment. We all know how hungry a Smash Captain can be and he brought three of them! This list was able to take up a large footprint thanks to all the Guard bodies in the Brigade. All while having the ability to deal with immediate threats like Knights and Primarchs using the Smash Captains. Plus, with over thirty Deathwatch Marines using nearly all Storm Shields, they were able to sit on objectives and withstand brutal amounts of firepower. Great job coming in first!

2nd Place: Eric Hoath- Ynnari

ynnead ynnari yvrane yncarne eldar aldari

[No List Available] But Eric ran this Drukhari list that won the Last Chance Open in January.

While there wasn’t a list reported at the event from the player, we can guess that while it’s listed as Ynnari, it wasn’t 100% Ynnari.

Most Ynnari lists nowadays run Eldrad and Yvraine in a soup detachment with something like Rangers. You will usually see a Spearhead detachment as well to spam Ravagers with Dark Lances. This also gives the player access to Drukhari stratagems. The most common being Agents of Vect with Kabal of the Black Heart.

After that, it really depends on the player as to what they bring. Sometimes you’ll see Harlequin Bikers with the haywire rockets, other times (and more lately) you’ll see Eldar Flyer spam using the Crimson Hunter Exarchs and Hemlocks to take up a huge footprint on the table.

Bottom line is that on the top tables, you can’t expect to be playing against one Aeldari faction.

3rd Place: Stephen Boxall- Alaitoc

stephen boxall 1

Like we were saying above, you’ll very rarely face an Eldar list with only one faction. This player brought along Ulthwe, Alaitoc, and some Soaring Spite harlequins to the field and came in third place!

In his Supreme Command Detachment, he covered his Psychic phase with Eldrad and a couple of Warlocks. Moving onto his Battalion Detachment, two Warlock Skyrunners lead a fatty blob of twenty Guardian Defenders and two squads of Shining Spears. Between getting shot up with Shuriken weaponry and trying to get Shining Spears out of your face for breathing room, this list is definitely oppressive.

Eldar Warlord

Last but not least, a simple Outrider Detachment of Harlequin Skyweavers scooted up the board onto objectives/ assisted the Shining Spears in whatever they face.

This army marks up to be a list that is able to put on a surprising amount of turn one pressure. When turn two rolls around, the enemy is well within range of all kinds of Eldar Psychic shenanigans as well as a nasty load of Shuriken firepower. Great job!

The meta looks to be in a fantastic spot as we look at competitive 40k. There wasn’t a single Castellan or Daemon Primarch Brothers list that was spotted in the top three! People are able to take what they want to take and aren’t relying on “this month’s cheese”.

What are your thoughts on the lists from above? Have you been tweaking your army to be more competitive? What faction do you play? Let us know in the comments of our Facebook Hobby Group. 

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