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By Wesley Floyd | February 15th, 2019 | Categories: News / Rumors, Warhammer 40k, Warhammer Adventures

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Games Workshop just announced the return of Saturday Morning Cartoons, Warhammer 40k Style! Will you be watching?

Warhammer Community just announced a 6 part series of animated shorts that will air, you guessed it… Saturday mornings.

Grab a bowl of Captain Crunch and get ready to dive in!

warhammer adventures wal

As you probably already know, Warhammer Adventures is a youth spin on the Grimdark universe we know as Warhammer 40k. In the harsh reality of space in that time period, basically, everything sucks. Not just normal sucky either…We’re talking SUCKY.

However, there is a new kid-friendly spin on the era that has people either hating the fact that it exists or, quite honestly, are thankful that they can introduce the hobby to their children in a safe way (without all the hopelessness and death).


Warhammer Adventures Video Teaser

Spotted initially on Warhammer 40k’s Facebook, a video teaser dropped for us!

The Adventures begin… Watch the first in a series of six short animated stories starring the heroes of the new Warhammer Adventures books – check back each Saturday for a new one! 


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In the video, one of the main characters to the storyline (who appears in Attack of the Necron) is working in some kind of intergalactic tool shed with his Jokaero friend. The kid is definitely some kind of Mechanicum citizen and thinks he knows a thing or two about making technology. However, the Jokaero basically shows him that he’s got a lot to learn!

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This is the first time we’ve really heard anything substantial out of Warhammer Adventures for a while now. But it’s interesting to see that they are putting resources into short and creative animations. Keep your eyes peeled for more information to trickle down as the team works on making 40k an exciting universe for children.

What are your thoughts on Warhammer Adventures? It got a lot of mixed feedback from the community when it was first announced but it looks like things haven’t slowed down a bit!

Should it be left solely Grimdark or could it be used to bring children into the hobby? Would you watch the show if it was made into a full-length cartoon? Let us know in the comments of our Facebook Hobby Group. 

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