Chaos Gets Spirit Fingers: Night Lords Rumor Engine?

By Wesley Floyd | April 2nd, 2019 | Categories: GW Rumor Engine, Warhammer 40k, Warhammer Community

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Are new Night Lords on the way too now? Check out the latest Daemon rumor engine teaser that reveals a lot about new Chaos!

Chaos Space Marines hold a special place in their heart for close combat. Especially against the Loyalists!

Warhammer Community posted up another rumor Daemon engine bit as we are coming around the final bend until the Vigilus clock strikes 00:00:00.

Lightning Fingers & A Sweet Paint Job: Warp Talons Rework?

rumor engine 3-1-19

Jumping into the rumor engine bit, it’s no question that we’re looking at a melee weapon for Chaos.  So, there are two pieces of evidence that are stacking up to Warp Talons getting a reworked model.

warp talon

#1 is that we can see all of the models in the existing Warp Talon kit having those claws on their fingertips! #2 being that in the rumor engine, there’s a lightning strike paint job on the armor and Warp Talons are a classic Night Lords unit!

Are you seeing what we’re seeing?

What Does This Mean?

new chaos wal hor marines obilterators abaddon

Out of all the previews we’ve seen, it looks as if everything has been painted up to be Black Legion only. However, with that paint job spotted, there could be other older Chaos kits getting a rework. The first thing that came to our mind was the Khorne Berzerker kit.

If GW is updating the already cool-looking Warp Talon models, surely they would update Berzerkers, right?

rumor engine 2-25-19

If this rumor Daemon engine is in fact, showing reworked Warp Talons, then they could be serving as a harbinger of what else is to come. It shows that GW is looking at some kits that we never thought would get updated.

Only time will tell as we run down the clock on Vigilus and get closer to the Warmaster’s touchdown on the planet. What are your thoughts on this rumor Daemon engine? Does it belong to a Night Lords Warp Talon? Is it a brand new unit? Let us know in the comments of our Facebook Hobby Group. 

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