Chaos & Primaris Points for Shadowspear Box Set: REVEALED

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primaris book cover hor marine 2019's Wave of New Primaris Space Marines Are Here!

Get in here.  Don’t miss a full look at the Shadowspear rules and points costs for all the new models coming in the newest box set for Warhammer 40k!

Warhammer Community had some big reveals for all the new models, but there is a ton more out there already as well!

Join us as we have the latest on all the rules and now points costs on all the new units!


This could be our best battlebox ever, containing two armies of gorgeous models with all-new sculpts, two mini-codexes, as well as lore and missions that kick off the next stage of the war for the Vigilus System. This set is incredible whether you’re looking to expand an existing army or start a brand new one. Have a look at all the incredible models you’ll find inside!

Now that we’ve gotten the introduction out of the way, let’s go over the rules for the new units that were all spotted on Imgur.

Master of Possession

master of possession



chaos sorcerer


master of possession stat

The Master of Possession is slightly-more tricked out Sorcerer that Chaos Marines are used to. his Rite of Possession: ability affects all Psykers (including himself). Keep your other Sorcerers away from him to prevent any unwanted perils!

With Wargear, he looks cost 90 points

Chaos Space Marines

shadowspear csm





These are just your run-in-the-mill Marines that come stock with an autocannon in the Box Set. Their new sculpts are fantastic! We should hopefully be seeing new individual boxes of these guys on the shelf.

Chaos Space Marine are 13 points each with the following options:

  • Autocannon 10
  • Plasma Gun 11
  • Plasma Pistol 5

Greater Possessed

shadowspear possessed





greater possessed 2

Greater Possessed are a new unit coming to the Chaos faction. They’re an Elites choice and actually only come in squad sizes of two. The coolest thing about this unit is that they’ve got the Character keyword.  With five attacks a piece doing D3 damage as well as being untargettable, these guys can wreak some havoc if they get too close.

Greater Possessed are 90 points


shadowspear obliterators





obliterator new 3

Obliterators are what all Terminators should be in 8th edition. At T5, 4 wounds, and a 2+ save, these guys can take a beating. Their guns got upgraded to assault 6 now and still keep their random shot profile. In the past, Obliterators came in squads of three or more. However, now you’ll be able to field as few as one if you’d like!

Obliterators are 115 points


shadowspear venomcrawle


chaos venom crawler



The Venomcrawler is kind of like a shooty Maulerfiend. It’s T7 with a host of attacks in melee along with some decent ranged damage output. At T7 with 10 wounds, this is about the same as a Dreadnought on the table. We’ll have to see its points to see if it’ll be anything competitive.

Venomcrawler is 130 points

Suppressor Squad

shadowspear primaris 1




primaris space marine shadowspear datasheet pdf download rules warhammer 40k

Fast Attack slots are usually the battlefield role that somewhat gets shafted in most factions. However, the Primaris are getting a really cool unit. The max unit size of these guys is only three, but that comes out to six total autocannon shots. Plus, if an enemy model dies from one of the shots, the unit can’t fire overwatch because they’re suppressed! Depending on how much these guys cost, we may see storm cannon Leviathans go to the wayside.

Suppressors are 35 points each

Infiltrator Squad




primaris space marine shadowspear datasheet pdf download rules warhammer 40k

This is an all-around solid disruption unit. They can deepstrike, heal their own guys, and prevent any deepstriking within 12″ of the unit. If you take a unit of 10 guys and fan them out, you’re able to really cover a massive field of anti-deepstriking. This is bound to cause a real headache for GSC players.  Their Marksman Carbines auto-wound on a hit of a 6+. This really helps squeeze out a few wounds on tougher things like Vehicles.

Infiltrators are 22 points each, with the Helix Adept being 32

Lieutenant in Phobos Armor

Shadowspear Starter Box Warhammer Community Downloads rules pdf warhammer 40k




primaris space marine shadowspear datasheet pdf download rules warhammer 40k

This Lieutenant does everything a normal Lieutenant does except he can deepstrike and slice and dice a bit more in combat.

Phobos Lieutenant is 86 points

Librarian in Phobos Armor

shadowspear primaris 4


vanguard librarian


primaris space marine shadowspear datasheet pdf download rules warhammer 40k

Looking at the Librarian, he’s got everything a normal Librarian has along with a camo cloak. He can actually be set up more than 9″ away and as long as he’s in cover, you add 2 to your save rolls! He’s a character so he’s already pretty well-protected, but the camo cloak is a nice little piece of gear.

Librarian is 111 points

Captain in Phobos Armor

shadowspear primaris 5



primaris space marine shadowspear datasheet pdf download rules warhammer 40k

The Captain is a bit of a combination of the last few units we’ve covered. He can prevent any enemy units from deepstriking within 12″ of him, has a camo cloak, and can deepstrike more than 9″ away from the enemy. He’s got a heavy 1 Bolter that can target characters but don’t expect it to ever do too much.

Captain is 116 points

Eliminator Squad

shadowspear primaris 3


shadowspear eliminators




At first glance, you probably thought these guys would be either Troops or Elites. However, they’re actually a Heavy Support and come loaded with two different sets of ammunition. One brings the heat with D3 damage and the other can target characters that they don’t have LOS to. Those pesky Kurov’s Aquila Commissars will have a harder time sticking to the cover of a building now!

Eliminators are 24 points.

Warlord Traits

From the ones we to the ones we do not, check out the new Warlord Traits from Shadowspear!


Chaos Shadowspear warlord traits

Primaris Space Marines

Primaris Space Marines Shadowspear warlord traits

Points wise it looks like the Marines may have gotten a better shake of it, as they seemed to be poised to make a big splash on the tabletop, while Chaos is looking to need more to get going.
All in all, everything looks to be like a welcome update.
Which faction out of Shadowspear will you be playing? What’s your favorite model out of the box? Will any of the units see competitive play? Let us know in the comments of our Facebook Hobby Group. 

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