New 40k Khorne Model & Daemon Rules REVEALED

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Khornate warriors are hitting Vigilus in full melee force. Blood for the blood god will flow on the tabletop with their new specialist detachment.

Warhammer Community previewed the rules set for the World Eaters in Vigilus Ablaze. We already know these guys love melee so what goodies could we have in store? Sit back, buckle up, and start cleaning those chain axes.

World Eaters & The Master of Executions

master of executions

axe of dismemberment

The Master of Executions is a literal executioner in power armor. He’s even got the classic hood that they all wore back in the day! With the bonus attack coming from the World Eaters Legion tactic, you should be able to hack through a gaggle of power armor and definitely kill cheaper characters in one go. His axe is basically a mortal wound power fist with no negative to hit. Nothing says “headhunter” like a Master of Executions.

rumor engine 7-10-18 New Slaanesh Model Hidden in Plain Sight?

Could this rumor engine be part of his hood? He’s a little far off so details are difficult. But let us know what you think!

master of executions 2

The Master of Executions only wants to go for the characters. His rules are geared towards running up and smacking them down before moving onto the next one. You get one free to reroll in the fight phase with him if you target a character. In addition, you’ll be able to heroic intervene for 6″ to a character!

Khorne’s Specialist Detachment

khorne specialist detachment

Oddly enough, the specialist detachment actually isn’t for the World Eaters. It’s all around Khorne Daemons. More specifically, Bloodletters.

If you take this detachment, your warlord (Skulltaker, wink wink) will get a bonus attack. But if he ever comes within 6″ of an enemy character he gets a little excited and gets another attack. Now we have the melee combat down, so what about shooting? We know that Khorne doesn’t have a whole lot of firepower from range…

brazen skull

For 1Cp, you can pick up a skull and hurling it like a baseball right to the enemy’s noggin’. You’ll want to pick someone with a really good Ballistic skill because it’ll be a free D3 mortal wounds on a 2+!

Really, we were surprised to see that there was nothing new for the World Eaters faction specifically. No new Berzerkers or even a specialist detachment that was previewed. Why would GW announce World Eaters and then go into Khorne Daemons? Is there another detachment the Berzerkers may be able to take that we just haven’t seen yet? Or perhaps maybe the WE will be getting their own book just like Death Guard and Thousand Sons?  Those legions still all have models in the Chaos codex as well as their own books too!

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