New Word Bearers Rules & Dark Apostle Models REVEALED


Don’t miss the new Dark Apostle and Disciple models that were just revealed along with new Chaos Word Bearers rules for Warhammer 40k!

Warhammer Community gave us an early preview of the Word Bearers Traitor Legion. They’ll be helping Abaddon in preaching the Warp-tainted word to the ranks. To kick things off, let’s go over who the Word Bearers are.

Word Bearers Tactics

profane zeal

The Word Bearers are the sons of Lorgar and in the Horus Heresy, they’re pretty brutal. However, in 40k, their whole Chapter Tactic is essentially Know no Fear for normal Marines.

Dark Apostle Model & Rules

dark apostle

There’s no better Legion for a Dark Apostle to fit into better than the Word Bearers. Although any Legion can take them. They just got their incredible new model with a pair of attendants. But what do the Dark Apostles do now? Well, they’ll be able to boost the morale of your troops as well as conjure up prayers.

dark apostle prayer 2

Dark Apostles will have access to prayers which act about the same as psychic powers do. You can’t conjure the same prayer in a turn even if you fail it. However, you only roll a single die to see if it goes off. If you use the Dark Zealotry prayer, your Dark Apostle essentially turns into a Chaplain. The unique thing about these prayers is that they last for the entire battle round. A lot is riding on a single dice roll!

dark apostle prayer 3

If you need your Dark Apostle to put his big boy pants on and become a beat stick, you can give him three bonus attacks all at AP-4. Melt through power armor like butter with the Omen of Potency!

dark disciples


relic of corruption

Your Apostle’s Dark Disciples aren’t there just for looks. You can add 1 to your prayer result if there are any standing close enough to the Apostle himself!

Dark Apostle’s Special Detachment

greater possessed 4


daemonkin detachment



This entire detachment is geared around a few choice HQs leading Possessed. The Possessed will be able to spit out a good bit of mortal wounds as long as you can keep your Warlord close by.

vessels for the neverborn
Although you can make do with just a Dark Apostle in your specialist detachment, you might want to think twice about running a Master of Possession. For 1CP you’ll be able to add 1 to the Strength and Attacks of a unit within 6″ of him. That’s like a guaranteed Might From Beyond!

The Word Bearers may not have the best Legion Trait to go around, but their specialist detachment looks like it’ll be the saving grace of Possessed. If you’re a diehard Possessed lover, try this detachment out and tell us what you think in the comments of our Facebook Hobby Group. 

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