Underground GW Q&A Session Reveals To Know From Adepticon

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Don’t miss these Live Q&A reveals from the end of Games Workshop’s 2019 Adepticon preview for the latest on new Warhammer 40k and more!

Coming from Sepulchre of Heroes, we’ve got a first-hand look at what went down at the seminar. From Primaris to Warcry, to Warhammer Adventures, we’ve got a lot that we can possibly look forward to.

Latest Word From the Adepticon Seminar

Warhammer 40k:


  • There’s no new word on any Emperor’s Children Marines (Noise Marines)
  • Primaris Flyers were brought up but GW said “that it sounded like a cool idea”.
  • They are still working on a 40k list-building app. (No word on any official dates. )
  • No new Primarchs are under development (as far as we know).
  • Games Workshop is looking into developing 40k datacards (similar to Warscroll cards in AoS).
  • No word on multipart kits for Shadowspear units.
  • New Kill Team Starter is being worked on.
  • All of the new Slaanesh characters will get 40k rules.
  • No news on chaos Astra Militarum
  • Apocalypse will have “formations” as the basic unit instead of squads

GW’s Other Skirmish Games

Shadespire Wal Hor

  • The Warcry box looks to be centered around Slaves to Darkness.
  • More Warhammer Adventures support could be coming depending on survey feedback…
  • A new Kill Team starter box is being worked on.

Age of Sigmar:

forbidden power 2

Archaic and terrible weapons, the spirits of ancient warriors, timeless relics – in Forbidden Power, you’ll join the hunt for these bygone treasures, seeking to claim them for your own.

forbidden power

Forbidden Power models themed around realm of Death

  • You don’t need Malign Sorcery to use the newly-previewed forbidden powers.
  • Carrion Empire minis won’t be back any time soon, but the two characters are coming outside of the box.
  • Island of blood models will not likely be made available separately.
  • No news on Dispossed

Games Day will likely NOT be coming back here in the states? Gw said they would rather help existing events. 

All in all, GW really kept things vague in the seminar. They didn’t give us any hard “no’s” so just remember to keep your eyes peeled for releases that were mentioned moving forward. What do you think we’ll be seeing next from Games Workshop?

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