Top Adepticon 40k Team Tournament Displays

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Look for inspiration for your next hobby project? Don’t miss these amazing army Warhammer 40k army displays from Adepticon 2019.

Adepticon 2019 pulled people from all around the globe into one spot for everything hobby. Check out the top 40k displays that were seen at the tables!

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Top Adepticon Team Tournament Display Pics

adept display 1


adept display 2

The Tau showed no mercy to the Tyranids attempting to infest their winter camp. Check out the epic battle frozen in time (pun intended) from the Wobbly Modelers.

adept display 3


In a Mad Max style arena pit, these Cultists are duking it out with their custom mechs! They look a little Orky don’t they?

adept display 5


It’s Bjorn’s birthday and everybody on Fenris is celebrating. The Terminators and Dreadnoughts are heading into battle with their party caps! By Borderlands Gaming.

adept display 7


The GSC took over an entire city block. They’re rolling hard in their hover limos. Propaganda is also spattered all across the walls to spread the good word!


These Squats have had enough over being overlooked. They made a heck of an entrance on the table with custom models everywhere! What kind of planet are they on? Team Pop Goes the Monkey

adept display 11


adept display 12

The Tau have decided to fly their Manta right into that massive Nurgle-touched Titan. It’s for the greater good.

adept display 13


adept display 14

This display is an Ork attack moon before it makes landfall. There are defenses all around the crust of the asteroid and a cockpit for the best pilots in the Waaagh!  By Chicago Kamikazes


adept display 16

Orks spent years of looting to bring this war machine into play. This thing could level cities! It’s so big it makes the Morkanaut look small.

adept display 17


Getting a glimpse into the headquarters of an Ultramarine planning sector, you can see where the enemy positions are on the grid!

adept display 19


The Orks really have had enough of not having the biggest walker on the table and decided to throw together this beautiful deff-killy machine!

And there you have it. Some of the top displays of Adepticon 2019. All of these are completely handmade and done by hobbyists from all around the world. Which one is your favorite? How big is your display board? Let us know in the comments of our Facebook Hobby Group. 

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