Top Age of Sigmar Armies of Adepticon 2019

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Adepticon had the full Age of Sigmar scene going! Take a look at what the event managed to bring in from all the corners of the globe.

Have you been wanting to see what some of the top-painted Age of Sigmar armies look like on the tabletop? Look no further because here are the top AoS lists spotted at Adepticon 2019!

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Are you looking into getting into Age of Sigmar? Are you painting up an army currently? Look to these completed lists for some inspiration!

Top Age of Sigmar Armies of Adepticon 2019

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idoneth adepticon 2

Idoneth never leave home without their boats and eels. These guys are clad in their red plating ready to push back Chaos.

sylvaneth 1


sylvaneth 2

The Spirits of the Sylvaneth were ready to take back the forest! This Kurnoth-themed army is running with the Nighthaunt heads as a conversion! This is what happens when you kill all the trees in the forest for firewood. 

stormcast adepticon 2


Stormcast Eternals clad in black armor serve as harbingers of certain death. They are a hammering force solely designed to turn back evil. This army did just that!


The Slaves to Darkness rolled in with a Nurgling Priest bellowing litanies of filth. On a beautiful display board, these mortals claimed ground for the King of Rot.


The Flesheater-Courts hungered at Adepticon with their zombie dragons. This faction destroyed morale with the paint job alone!

Age of Sigmar armies capture to most gruesome details. In a game focused almost completely around magic and melee, the savageness of the models really shows.

Of all the Age of Sigmar factions, what’s the most fun for you to paint? What does your list look like? Has this inspired you to start an Age of Sigmar army? Let us know in the comments of our Facebook Hobby Group. 

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