Top Horus Heresy Armies of Adepticon 2019

By Wesley Floyd | March 29th, 2019 | Categories: Adepticon 2019, Army Showcase, Forge World, Horus Heresy

nightlords 2

Adepticon didn’t shy away from showing the Horus Heresy from love. Check out the Legions in all their glory as they made their way to the tabletop.

It’s exciting times for Horus Heresy as Sanguinius and Daemons are getting a ton of support. Let’s see how Legions were spotted on the table making a name for themselves and bringing glory to their Primarch.

Top Horus Heresy Armies of Adepticon 2019


The Iron Warriors were spotted showing utter contempt at the walls of Dorn at Adepticon. Check out the wall-breaking potential of the fourth Legion!


The World Eaters had plenty of Legions to choose from when it came to spilling blood. These guys show no mercy at taking over a planet. Angron would almost be proud.


The Ultramarines also made the Emperor proud by showing off their might. Check out thesmallest of details slapped onto the Rhino. Excellent job!


The Blood Angels heard of Sanguinius’s new model and snapped into tip-top shape. Check out the glory to behold of the ninth Legion!


The Night Lords were rolling in with the thunder in 30k. Check out the lightning details loaded onto the plated ceramite.

heresy DG


Break out the blast templates because the Death Guard are rolling in their toxic weaponry. The drifting death was sweeping across the battlefield against the Loyalists.


Sons of Horus brought the heat with a Deredeo and Contemptor. Of course, they were backed by the brutal ceramite rank and file Marines of the 16th Legion.

As we’ve said before, it’s exciting times to jump into the Horus Heresy. With a Legion getting an insane amount of support, more and more players are beginning to show off their Legionnary pride. What do you think of the models spotted at Adepticon? What Legion do you play in 30k? Let us know in the comments of our Facebook Hobby Group. 

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