Upgrade Your D&D Arsenal With Ancestral Weapons

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Ancestral Weapons

Check out a great way to add weapons of old and Magical Heirlooms to your next D&D game with the Ancestral Weapons supplement.

The DMs Guild is a great place to find one of a kind supplements for your games of Dungeons & Dragons. Today we take a look at a great way to add some relics to your campaign. Let’s take a look.

Ancestral Weapons (PDF): $3.95

Ancestral Weapons


Ancestral Weapons


Ancestral Weapons


Ancestral Weapons

A noble blade wielded in the blood wars, an axe used to protect the great city of Mirabar from orc invasions, or a powerful staff passed down by great sorcerers through the aeons. Ancestral Weapons are iconic within roleplaying. These weapons embody a character’s family, story, and history.

Ancestral Weapons are powerful heirlooms gifted through the generations that scale up in power as your adventurers perform heroic deeds. As these weapons grow, they unlock new and more powerful upgrades such as inflicting damage caused by the elemental energy trapped inside, causing a foe to flee in fear when struck, or allowing you to deflect even the fiercest of blows. 

Due to the Spirit Point mechanic used within this system, you can also quickly develop new and thematic magic items to hand out to your players. Players can also use this system to let their heroes forge balanced and fun magic items with the included crafting rules.

Inside the pages of this supplement you will find:

  • Rules for using scaling Ancestral Weapons in D&D 5e
  • Over 130 weapon upgrades, to make your weapon as unique as your character
  • Rules to quick-build magic items for your campaign
  • The Spirit Point Crafting System allowing players to forge unique and thematically appropriate weapons
  • Tables to randomly generate thematic ancestral traits and epic weapon history
  • 4 example Ancestral Weapons, developed by our playtesters, each with 4 iterations used in their campaigns
  • 4 example non-ancestral weapons, built using the spirit point system
The product is supplemented by fantastic artwork, with an evocative cover by Fernando Gregory Milan, and heroic chapter art by Kostic Dusan.

Ancestral Weapons carry the weight of expectation, physical reminders of generations of epic feats. Can your hero carry the weapon in its next grand chapter?

Add something special to your next campaign! Make sure you visit the DMs Guild and secure your copy today!

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