Warhammer 40k Vigilus Ablaze Spoilers REVEALED

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There’s some real movement happening on Vigilus ever since Abaddon landed. What’s Calgar doing to defeat him? Major events are unfolding in this book!

Reddit user Black Templars, spoiled a few details on what’s happening on Vigilus. Could this lore advancement be some foreshadowing to what we’ll be seeing on the table? We’re not sure. But we should definitely take a closer look at what’s going on here.

Spoilers of What’s Happening on Vigilus

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Here’s the list of all the details:

  • Marneus has been intentionally giving ground back to the Orks and Genestealers to pit his enemies against each other. Of course, the planet won’t be as salvageable, however, he will need all the help he can get to uproot Abaddon.
  • The Imperial Navy was getting wrecked by the Vengeful Spirit and other Chaos fleets. However, the Imperial ships were still able to hold. That is until Abaddon made a deal with some Fallen hiding on the planet to activate a special weapon called the voidclaw. The Chaos fleet knew the weapon was coming and pulled back for a short time. The voidclaw ravaged the Imperial ships and now they are getting overrun.
  • Calgar manages to pull out a short peace treaty with some nearby Eldar and hatches a plan to take down Chaos. The plan is to fill an Aeldari ship with deathstrike missiles and ram it into the Vengeful Spirit keeping the ship under the radar with psychic support.
  • Calgar and Abaddon get in a fight where Marneus ends up with his first heart destroyed and his second heart heavily damaged. When Abaddon is about to go in for the kill, Haarken tells him that the Vengeful Spirit is in danger and they are forced to fall back, Leaving Calgar alive, but bloodied.
  • The Vengeful Spirit gets struck with the Aeldari ship and nearly outright gets destroyed. The crew manages to jump into a warp drive and head to safety for repairs.
  • Once the Vengeful Spirit was out of commission, the Imperial Navy was able to retake the skies looming over Vigilus. Calgar is basically forced to direct everything from his Apothecary’s tent as he is unable to fight from his wounds.

Why Hasn’t the Imperium Done More?


If the Imperium has blown up planets just for simply knowing that a Genestealer Cult exists, why haven’t they blown up Vigilus yet? We get that Vigilus is a bastion planet connecting the two halves of the Imperium together. However, at the end of the day, it’s just a really big rock that has a ton of bad people on it.

Think about it…There’s Orks, Aeldari, Chaos (with Abaddon and Haarken), Genestealer Cult, and Fallen. All of those things that were just named happen to be on the Imperium’s Do Not Call list. Orks are notoriously hard to get rid of once they make a foothold on a planet. So if the Imperium ever did manage to reclaim Vigilus, they would have a never-ending war on their hands with Orks anyway.

Plus, with the window open to take Abaddon out of the picture, that would force the Black Legion back into the recesses of Space. They would lick their wounds for a while and have another dude become the Warmaster. But hey, it would at least give the Imperium breathing room.

What do you think we will see happen on Vigilus next? Will the Aeldari and Imperium band together to drive back Chaos? Will Guilliman step foot onto the planet and help Calgar? Let us know in the comments of our Facebook Hobby Group. 

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