New Space Marine Terminator Captain SPOTTED!

By Wesley Floyd | April 5th, 2019 | Categories: News / Rumors, Space Marines, Warhammer 40k

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Don’t miss this one! What looks to be a new Space Marine Captian has been revealed for the highly popular Space Marine Heroes line!

If you haven’t been following along, GW has started a series of collectible blind buy Space Marines. They all have a theme to them too. The first wave was Ultramarines and the second wave has been Blood Angels. Get caught up on the latest on these blind box minis.

Space marine Series II Announced Across Globe

SM heroes 2

Series II Space Marine Heroes 

Series two of Space Marine Heroes featured Blood Angels Terminators and were exclusively sold in Japan for a long time. (Just like Series one of Space Marine Heroes which eventually branched out to be sold everywhere). Well, these Terminators are also going to be hitting the shelves in stores outside of Japan as well! Add on to your collection of series one models and grab all the Sons of Sanguinius!

Space Marine Heroes Blood Angels Captain Revealed

captain donato

Spotted on miniwars, Brother-Captain Donato looks to be the “chase rare” of the set! Word has it that he’ll also have an open head option. It looks like he’s going to be posed with a combi melta and power fist as his main weapons. Of course, because he’s a Captain he gets a cool little cap and power sword too.

Brother Captain Tassarius

Comparing Donato to Brother-Captain Thassarius, they’re both highly unique models. They are in different armor, have completely different weapons, and are even posed differently. The design team definitely didn’t get lazy when they were developing these heroes.

Space Marine Heroes Series III Announced

Coming from Warhammer Yokohama’s Facebook:

SM heroes 3

They posted a picture on their page a while back showing the third series of Space Marine Heroes’ banner. No other details past that have been covered. We have no idea if they’ll be in Terminator armor, what Chapter they’ll be, etc.

However, we know we’ve already seen Ultramarines (blue) and Blood Angels (red). Our guess is that they’ll cover another popular Chapter similar to the Funko POP! models that were just announced. (i.e Space Wolves or Dark Angels).

The special thing that Space Marine Heroes has always had is that their minis are all a snap-fit design. You don’t actually need clippers or even glue to throw these guys together. The major bonus to that is it pulls more people into the hobby.

SM heroes sprue

One of the major turn-offs to jumping into a hobby like 40k may be all of the tools you need to put one box of dudes together. However, if you sell a single model separately that can be put together by someone’s bare hands, they may ease into the hobby a bit faster.


All in all, What do you think about the Space Marine Heroes series? Does the Captain do a good job at representing the Blood Angels? What’s your favorite model of the bunch? Let us know in the comments of our Facebook Hobby Group.

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