RUMORS: Primarch Lion El’Jonson Returning in a 40k Starter Set?

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Dark Angels are in the topic of discussion for this one! There are some rumors out there that are shocking if they are actually true.

Rumors have been spotted coming on BoLS that have to do with a Primarch showing up in a “faction starter”-style Boxed Set. What are those exactly?

Faction Starter Box Sets

shadowspear box

Shadowspear Starter Box

Wake the Dead Starter Box


Forgebane Starter Box

The faction starter Box Sets are the boxes designed to give players a good deal at a basic building block for an army. Of course, they can always use the models to add to their army. But the sole purpose for these things is to get people to branch out from the faction inside the box! Now let’s look at exactly what the rumors have to say.

salt pile

REMEMBER: These are just rumors and will be treated like that until we see the final product from GW. 

“The Lion” Primarch Rumors Emerge

Lion v Konrad

BoLS’ rumors say:

Lion El’Jonson or The Lion was mentioned coming in a faction starter Box Set as one of the playable sides. But (get ready to sit down Dark Angels fans) the other side may be an Imperium faction.

If that is true, SOMEBODY obviously went traitor. The Dark Angels are already in a bad spot considering what went down in the Horus Heresy.

Assuming these rumors are true, we think including a Primarch in a Box Set is an interesting idea. Most of the Boxed Sets come with a couple of exclusive units that you can only find there for a couple of months. Then they release them as their own unit on the shelf. We saw this with the Armigers and Cryptek out of Forgebane and the Abominant out of Tooth and Claw just to name a few. We could see this with the Primarch. He might be a hot new unit in the box and then a couple of months later hit the shelves in his own box.

Lion El jonson

Ultimately, we could see more people buy this box for themselves than splitting it. Just so they can get a Primarch AND some Imperium models.

Do you think the price of that Box Set would go up if a Primarch was included? If the rumors are true, do you think that the Dark Angels would also have release waves and updates to usher in the Lion? Let us know in the comments of our Facebook Hobby Group. 

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