Kill Team 2019 Starter Set & Blackstone Fortress: FIRST LOOK

Saturday GW first look
GW is taking a short break on the Space Marine releases, but there are still more Warhammer 40k releases coming through in their wake this week!

The Space Marine pain train is on hold this week. Filling the gap is the new Blackstone Fortress and an updated Kill Team starter set. Let’s take a quick look at what is inside these boxes!

40k Kill Team Starter (2019)

Kill team starter set 2019 new

Find out more about all the kits that come in this set on our previous savings alert post.

Blackstone Fortress: Escalation Expansion



Blackstone pt2 sprue 1


Blackstone pt2 sprue 2


Blackstone pt2 sprue 3


What do you think about the new Blackstone fortress? Are you excited for the progression? Are you thinking about getting the updated starter box for Kill Team?

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