GW Replaced Duncan With An Online Painting Guide…

By Wesley Floyd | January 24th, 2020 | Categories: Editorial, News / Rumors, painting miniatures, Warhammer 40k

duncan meme 1Feels bads! Has GW replaced Duncan with an online paint guide? Check out the new format on GW’s website, and their latest direct marketing blitz.

You might have heard a while back that Duncan was leaving the Games Workshop business entirely. While it initially sparked as rumors weeks before the official announcement, GW probably knew about it for quite a while. With that said, it looks like they might’ve made adjustments to their online webstore essentially removing the need for a “face of GW” to post painting videos. (Even though there’s still Peachy, and you’re awesome).

Did GW Replace the Need for an Online Personality Painter?

archon paint 1


archon paint 2If you go to GW’s Webstore, you can click any unit and before you are able to click any description/details/delivery tab, you have to scroll through an already-expanded selection of painting techniques to get your mini looking the way you want. Note that this is also slightly more in-depth than the painting recommendations of what’s on the back of the kits themselves when you pick them up on the shelves.

Of course, it’s part of a marketing technique as you’re also able to buy the paints once you click on a color scheme you like. However, it’s odd that this appeared around the time of Duncan also leaving GW. Could they be slowly closing the door on ceWEBrity painters that work for GW?

GW’s Email Blast

Right around the same time as Duncan’s departure, GW sent out an email called “painting guide roundup”

citadel color

“We’ve got some big models on deck for you this round, including Dreadnoughts, Tyranid Hive Tyrants, T’au battlesuits, Daemon Princes and more. Check out the videos, which cover both Contrast and Classic Methods.”

That email let hobbyists know about some new additions to the Citadel color site, as well reminding them about the Painting App (that’s super useful for sure) that you can install on your smartphone.

Regardless, Duncan will continue to be sorely missed.

duncan meme 9What do you think about GW’s recent website change showcasing paints needed? Could this be the initial start of removing the personalities from GW outright?

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