How to Sell Your Models For More Hobby $$$ on eBay

CASH-CAT-EBAYNeed more miniatures but can’t afford them after the holidays? Here are our tips for how to sell your models for more hobby $$$ on eBay.

In every hobbyist’s lifetime, there comes a point where they look back at their old models and think “that unit doesn’t go with my army anymore” or “I’ve gotten so much better at painting since then”. Whatever the case may be, there are always a handful of models in every collection that are never used.

With this being a reality, you can turn those old models into cash to keep fueling your funds for newer model purchases.

Selling Your Models the Smart Way on eBay

ocd painting miniatures cosplayBefore we go into the details on how to sell your items, there are some ground-level things we have to come to terms with.

You normally won’t be getting the same amount of money you put into your model

eBay is the flea market of the internet. It’s the place you go to for quick cash with hundreds of eyes seeing your listing at one time. And even if your model is very nicely painted, chances are you won’t be making (or will come very close to) getting the money back that it cost to buy the kit on the shelf.

eBay “Pro-Painted” is not Pro-Painted

horrible space marine faceIn a lot of cases even if you can paint fairly well and are trying to sell your mini for profit, it doesn’t make you a professional painter. While by definition, it sort of does as you are making money. People will still low ball your price because like we said, it’s the flea market of the internet…  So don’t get your feelings hurt if someone offers 20% below what it’s been listed, or the item just doesn’t sell for weeks.

Fees- The Side of eBay We Often Forget


eBay takes 10% of whatever the Listed Price 

If you sell your mini for $50 on eBay, eBay will automatically deduct $5 off of the money you’ll be putting back into your bank account. It’s their cut for allowing you to use their website. This is just another expense you should keep in mind when trying to figure out how much you want to list your item for.

Free Shipping isn’t Always the Best Option

While eBay will tell you that Free Shipping is more enticing to the buyer, in reality, most people don’t mind spending $5 on shipping. And be careful if you are shipping large items like entire armies. The shipping cost can be driven up like crazy depending on weight and package size.

Plus between PayPal, and listing fees on eBay itself the total off the top can be closer to 20%.

Light, Camera, Pictures!

miniature light deathshroud before and afterNow that we’ve covered some of the ins-and-outs of eBay that tend to get overlooked, it’s time to list our item! The most important part of all is your picture-taking. If you decide to list your eBay stuff at night and all you have is an overhead light in your bedroom, please don’t. Wait until the morning and take your minis out in the sun and take multiple photos up-close with multiple angles. 

If you’re an avid painter, chances are you have a hobby desk with a good, bright light. This is even better but make sure that the light isn’t so harsh that when you snap a pic, it leaves a glare on the paint. This will just hide detail on the mini and turn off potential buyers. You have to walk a fine line between eliminating shadows and not obliterating the mini with so much light that you can’t see anything.

Light Halo Pictures of Miniatures tips and tricks

You can get this cool mobile light that attaches to phones, for snapping pics of minis on Amazon.

Don’t Lie to Your Potential Buyers

World-EaterWhen you take pics of your minis, next comes giving a description of the entire product. Guys, DO NOT “overlook” any imperfections to your minis and DO NOT “forget” to mention broken bits on the model. If you have an army with some battle damage and don’t take pics to show the condition or even write which units are worn in the description, you might sell your product…But days later you may find that eBay has stepped in from a buyer that opened a case against you.

And even if you set your account to No refunds, eBay will still force you to comply and return their money back in full. You’ll end back up right at square one. Probably even more in the hole than before. Also, remember that all of your sales and purchases open the window for people who do business with you. They can leave a review on your profile showing how good your business was. If people see that you have anything less than 90% positive feedback, they probably won’t want to run the risk of running into a problem with you.

In short, it may seem like there’s a lot that goes into eBaying. But if you do things the right way you won’t have as many problems. Plus, eBay practically holds your hand when it comes to listing an item. You really can’t mess up unless you try hard.

With all of this covered, will you try your hand at eBaying some of your models for fast cash? Have you been eBaying pieces of your collection for a while? What’s a tip you would give to a new person selling hobby content online? 

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