New 40k FAQ Changes For Sisters Of Battle!

new in the faq gwNew FAQ changes are here for the faithful as the Sisters of battle just got their FAQ in the latest 40k update from Games Workshop.

Coming from Warhammer Community, they’ve announced the first FAQ for the Sisters of Battle since their army release. While we’re still waiting for a few kits to hit the shelves. a couple of rules were tweaked and questions answered. Here’s the latest.

Sisters of Battle Get Their First FAQ LATEST

Sisters of battle changes 2020The Canoness had her wargear wording tweaked slightly by having two options. Either high AP (plasma pistol and power sword) or low cost (chainsword and bolt pistol). Meanwhile, the Mortifiers had their squad a bit more costly in terms of power level, which to be honest, makes sense.

repressorAnd probably the biggest change, the three new army-wide rules, Acts of Faith, Sacred Rites, and Shield of Faith came to the Forge World Repressor.

Questions Answered & Clarified

sisters of battle changes 2020 1Finally, a couple of questions were answered just giving a clearer picture of how the army operates. One of the bigger ones being about mortal wounds. In the description, mortal wounds are treated as separate instances of damage (and is why they bleed over to other models in a unit). With that said, you can’t use a Faith dice to juice up your damage roll dealing mortal wounds because technically, you’re doing 1 mortal wound x-times.

Another big one is that you can CP your Faith Dice if you keep rolling poorly and have a heavy bank of CP. You probably won’t be doing this every game, but it’s a nice fishing ability to have if you really need to bank a 6 for a damage roll.

Sisters of battle wal horBe sure to read over all the changes for your Sisters before your next game! We will say that overall, GW did a pretty sweet job on this FAQ. There are no earth-shattering changes to the army that makes it operate completely differently. Of course, that could be because of the entire year of players testing the beta codex and GW listening to the response from the community!

How do you feel about the Sisters of Battle in 8th? Have you started building up your army yet? 

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