RUMORS: Sisters of Battle Units We’re Waiting On & Prices

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sister wal hor Adepta Sororitas sisters of battleSisters of Battle as a whole have a ton of other releases we’re still waiting on. Check out the full list and thier rumored prices now!

If you’ve been keeping track of all the latest projects from GW in AoS and 40k, you might be beginning to think that Sisters releases are creeping along. While Ossiarch Bonereapers in AoS hit the table in full-swing only about two months after initial rumors began to emerge.

On the other hand, Sisters have been a project that GW has coddled with rules for the past year and we’re just now being drip-fed units from their army line. The full span of their army is taking weeks to hit the shelves. But TBH, in the past, that was the norm for just about any new faction release from GW.

RUMORS: Sisters of Battle Units We’re Waiting On & Prices

new-release-sisters-wave-1With all that said, here are the units we’re still waiting on and the projected pricing of what they’ll cost.

Sisters of Battle Battle Sanctum:  $100?


It looks like the Battle Sanctum was indeed a terrain piece lying in wait. The key giveaways are that once it’s set up, it can’t move and you can throw Infantry dudes and dudettes inside to man the walls. It’s only Power Level 3, and it costs 50 points. If this does cost in the ballpark of only 50 pts/$100, players may need/want to buy two or three of these for their army to scatter the bonus around their entire force. But that could come with a severe price tag. 

The window sections flanking the center look to be all-new bits, and comparing this kit to the Basilicanum, it appears to have a similar amount of components if you factor in the statues wings counting as two statues…

Sector Imperialis BasilicanumSector Imperialis Basilicanum $100

sisters of battle sanctum (3)The Sister of Liberty stands tall on the tabletop for sure. This not only looks sweet among all the sister models but will serve a purpose on the table too.  Look at how it towers over the other models in this release wave:

sisters of battle sanctum (2)

Sister Repentia $50?

These ladies will be on the new 28mm sized bases, and to be honest, if Retributors are $55, we can see GW making these the same price as the 10-man Arco Flagellants. So that could also be the “smaller” price of $50 as well.

Packed with dynamic poses and plenty of options for customisation, this set will be great for fleshing out your Repentia squads – and flensing the flesh from your enemies!

Zephyrim/ Seraphim Combo Box $55

sisters of battle seraphimI think we have a good basis to go off of here again with the Retributors being $55 for five models, it’s logical to suspect the Seraphim, an equally elite unit, will be about the same.

The incoming multipart Seraphim combine the dynamic airborne poses you’d expect with a swath of optional extras. Of course, the holy trinity of bolter, flamer and melta is represented, as is a brand-new kit option – the elite combat-specialists of the Zephyrim.

This set of three was also seen and they have some extra cosmetic options on them.

 Diologus & Imagifier $35 Ea.?


battle sisters diologus

New Diologus Model 

GW has certainly come a long way. The new Diologus model was first spotted in an early teaser photo.  However, was officially unveiled with some serious cosmetic upgrades.

battle sisters imagifier

Imagifier Model

The Imagifier also got a helping hand. Carrying what looks to be some vague idol to Celestine or Katherine, she’ll be a must-have unit to inspire the rest of your ranks.

Canoness  $35?

battle sisters multipart canonessCanonesses also got more love from GW getting some pretty amazing multipart options. From staves to power swords, plasma pistols to inferno pistols. the Canoness is looking to be able to fit a variety of frontline roles. They’re basically the Captain of the Sisters ranks.

Here you can see her scale better compared to the rank and file sisters.

New Mulipart Sisters of Battle Rhino $45?

So it looks like this will be just the standard Space Marine Rhino with an upgrade sprue. Comparing that to the Razorback that is basically the same thing, content-wise, we’ll probably see this go for $45 as well.

sisters of battle rhino 1Here is an assembled Rhino with what looks to be pre-production resin casts, that was on display at the recent 40k Open day Along with its plastic upgrade sprue.

sisters of battle warhammer 40k open day 2019 rhino (2)The new Sisters Rhino kit may be packaged with this sprue instead of the normal Astartes upgrade sprue.

sisters of battle warhammer 40k open day 2019 vehicle sprue (2)If boxy transports aren’t your thing, there were some other Rhino-chassis type vehicles previewed showing the circular doors fans loved. We’re also getting the Immolator and Exorcist!

Sisters of Battle Immolator $80?


Immolator with Flame weapon option

The Immolator’s Sister, the Exorcist is on GW’s site for $80. And taking the same chassis with new plastic bits and switching up the damage profile a bit, we think $80 is another pricetag GW is going to slap on this kit.

sisters of battle warhammer 40k open day 2019 immolatorImmolator with Flame weapon option, unpainted. Get a load of that clear plastic weapons cowl!  There is also a Heavy Bolter weapon variant as well.

sisters of battle warhammer 40k open day 2019 immolatorPainted up with Contrast paints or washes you could emulate the look of stained glass on this!

Immolator & Excorcist Sprues

From all appearances in these previews, it looks like both the Immolator and Exorcist share this same “base” rhino chassis sprue.

sisters of battle warhammer 40k open day 2019 vehicle sprueFrom there, the Exorcist kit looks to also contain this sprue which was pictured to the right of the chassis sprue above.

sisters of battle warhammer 40k open day 2019 vehicle sprue (3)The Immolator, on the other hand, may come with these two sprues that contain the rotating turret and weapon options as well. They were pictured to the left of the base chassis sprue above.

sisters of battle warhammer 40k open day 2019 vehicle sprue (4)

So there are our potentially spicy hot takes for what we think the pricing will be for the new Sisters release.  With one model already clocking in over $110, any way you look at it this release is aiming right at the bank accounts of anyone collecting a Sisters Army in 2020!

With all of these Sisters releases still on the way, what are you holding out for? Which Sorority rules do you play with now?

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