Greater Good & Ork Alternatives to GW: Wargame Exclusive

Tau Greater Good & Ork Beast Alternatives to GW: Wargame ExclusiveWargame Exclusive recently came out with two new Xenos model alternatives to GW, one for the Greater Good, and one Ork Warboss!

Wargame Exclusive has been pretty popular for a while now, lots of hobby stores offer these Grim Skull models they sell. Their kits tend to be insanely detailed and are great painting challenges if you are up to the task.

Let’s take a look and see what Rob thinks about the two newest additions to their lineup.

wge 2 modelsThe packaging for both models is standard and looks exactly like any of their previous models.

wge warbossHere we can see the Ork Warboss model. The details are super clean throughout the whole mini. There is also a rifle and a metal chain that come with the model that may give you some interesting options as far as a personal touch goes.

wge shadowsunThe Shadow Star model is similar in level of detail but is a little more dynamic in posing. There are also two other head options that come with this kit.

And that does it for this one! Be sure to watch the video below for Rob’s full breakdown! Patreon supporters of Spikey Bits get models like this each month shipped to them.

Models Provided for Promotion and review

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