GW Announces Jain Zar, Dhrazar & Incubi For Next Week

By Andrew Schrank | February 23rd, 2020 | Categories: Black Library, Dark Eldar, Eldar, News / Rumors, Warhammer 40k

eldar wal jain zar 140k is returning as next week’s releases have just been announced by GW.  Don’t miss the return of Jain Zar, Banshees, Dhrazar and Incubi.

Warhammer Community just let us in on the new pre-order releases for this week. The Blood of the Pheonix is getting individual repackages. Plus a little bonus from Black Library this week! Let’s check out what they are exactly!

GW Announces Jain Zar, Dhrazar & Incubi For Next Week

plastic jain zar 1Jain Zar’s new model is stunning, we’ve seen her before, but, that doesn’t mean we can’t be excited. If you were waiting to pick her up until you could by herself, now is a perfect time!

bansheesOf course with Jain Zar enter her Howling Banshees. These melee experts are no laughing matter.

plastic drazhar 1On the Dark Eldar side, we’ve got Drazhar coming in as well to combat Jain Zar. Other than his sweet model, he does have a pretty unique base.


His elite troops are of course the Incubi. They may be just as deadly in melee as the Banshees, but they certainly have more spikey bits.

Black Library Celebration 2020

Ramping up the 29th’s celebration, we are getting a book a day to help get us pumped!

  • Monday – ‘The Harrowing Deep’ by Miles A Drake
  • Tuesday – ‘Redemption of Dal’yth’ by Phil Kelly
  • Wednesday – ‘Fist of an Angry God’ by William King
  • Thursday – ‘The Will of the Legion’ by Andy Clark
  • Friday – ‘Tithemarked’ by Steven Sheil
  • Saturday – ‘War in the Museum’ by Robert Rath

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