More New Lumineth Realm-lords Hidden In Plain Sight!

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realm-lords-wal-horEven more models for the Lumineth Realm-lords might have just been spotted hiding in plain sight. Check out the latest bits seen in a preview!

Before we jump head-first into the latest, to make sure we’re all caught up we’ll be going over all of the models that we know exist and are coming. However, moving beyond all of that…A new mini looks to have just been spotted in the background of a Lumineth Relmalords lore post from Warhammer Community.

Sit back as we comb through all the details from day 1:

GW Teases Lumineth Realm-lords & Teclis for 2020!

teclisTeclis has been seen little in the Age of Sigmar – at least, so far. Did any of his aelven races aside from the Idoneth survive? Just what is going on in Hysh? Can the Mage God forgive Sigmar for corrupting his gift? Over the next few weeks, you’ll have the chance to find out. One thing is for sure though……Teclis is back, and he’s looking EPIC. 

Not only did GW announce that Teclis is marching back into the lore more lively than ever. But they also revealed the first new units for the army!

Vanari Auralan Wardens

Vanari Auralan WardensThese hearken back to the High Elf Spearmen that made up many a classic Warhammer army, and they’re packed with rich detail never previously thought possible.

First up for “Pointy Aelves” they give us a look at the new spearmen! These may be the standard battleline of the faction, but there is no lack of detail and symbology on each of these guys.

Vanari Dawnriders

Vanari DawnridersThe Vanari Dawnriders are filled with grace and movement that make them instantly eye-catching on the battlefield.

Now, they could have been just talking about the lore and the models. However, I think this may be a hint at perhaps some unique rules! Maybe this new calvary will have the ability to disengage after combat and prepare to charge again the next turn?

The Light of Eltharion

EltharionThe Light of Eltharion sees one of the most legendary heroes of this ancient race return with a truly stunning new miniature. Look closer – that armour is hollow. 

The comment about the hollow armor adds an interesting twist to Eltharion’s return. It suggests that maybe this is just a manifestation or even a conjuration by Teclis! While we don’t know much about the new lore or model, we do know that Eltharion was exceptional at killing Orks and encouraged his people to improve their defenses in the past.


Teclis lvo 2020For years, this mage has graced tabletops, books, video games and, of course, your imagination in all manner of guises. Now, in 2020, Teclis returns with a model truly worthy of a god.

Last up is the top dog himself, the Aelven God Teclis. While they didn’t give many hints on rules, we do know about his ascension. Hopefully, he will be able to stand his ground versus Nagash and Archaon. Whether that will be via magic or fighting prowess, we don’t really know yet. He has in the past been known for magic, so that will definitely play a part in his update!

Hidden In Plain Sight: More New Lumineth Realm-lords

age of sigmar elf tecilis elves highGames Workshop put out a Lumineth Lowdown article focusing on the Vanari Auralan Wardens, their runes, plus all the lore behind them recently.

We were particularly interested in one section from the preview…

They fight with a synergy and grace that lesser races couldn’t even begin to fathom. While the arrows of the Auralan Sentinels and magical bombardments of their mages rain down upon their enemies, the Wardens stoically hold their ground, awaiting the desperate charge of their embattled foes.

So potentially two new units are mentioned here, with the Auralan Sentinels called out by name! While for the other, all we get is magical bombardments of their mages”.  Since the Sentinels are much more likely given what we know right now, let’s dig a little deeper.

Lumineth rumor engineTake a look at this bow in the middle of this screencap from the preview video. It seems to look extremely familiar to an undiscovered rumor engine bit!


rumor engine 10-15-19Considering its essentially a perfect match, and we have an excerpt of GW directly referring to an archer unit, this seems all but guaranteed!

Lumineth Realm-lords Endless Spell & More Hidden in Plain Sight?

More on the Vanari Dawnriders is here!

rumor engine 10-29-19Looking back at this rumor engine from October 2019, we can see that we’re looking at some kind of stone sitting on some grass with weeds blowing in the wind. Make sure you focus on the etchings in the rock as well as which way the weeds are blowing.

lumineth realmlords new modelSpotted in the recent Warhammer Community preview, you can see that same stone with matching weeds blowing to the right sitting atop a GW base. We’re not sure if this is some kind of Endless Spell or maybe a prayer of some sort. However, the fact that it’s sitting on a painted base confirms that this isn’t just some pointless scenery to add some spice to a GW preview.

However, there’s even more to break down.

lumineth realmlords new model 2It’s blurry when you’re zoomed in. However, we can also see something odd in the top-right of the frame. It’s lacking a GW base like the first model as far as we can tell. Although that could easily be hidden by the angle of the picture and the rocks.

But whatever we’re looking at has some kind of encryption on it’s painted white surface, which matches the Realmlord’s armor. This one is a bit of a mystery to us still.

 With all of this taken into account, what do you think that stone model could be? Will it be some kind of Endless Spell? Maybe a prayer? Or could it be something like a fluffy objective marker? 

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