Rescuing a Forge World Warlord Titan from eBay

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ebay miniature rescues warlord titaneBay Miniature Rescues tackled a giant project as one of his viewers sent him a Warlord Titan and requested his handiwork!

eBay Miniature Rescues is a unique channel that gets beat up and damaged minis and tries to restore them! It’s a relatively new channel on YouTube and is super fun to watch what they are able to do with abused and unwanted miniatures.

titan primedeBay Miniature Rescues

After getting this massive model and all its pieces out of the boxes, he strips the model and then uses a simple black primer on the entire thing and all the components.

panel basing warlordStarting with VGA Burnt Umber he builds it up light and slow. He then uses Vallejo Duck Egg Green by adding some into the pot with the Umber. He applies this towards the inside of the panel to build up the colors. Then he follows it up with pure Duck Egg Green. He also places some light highlighting around the edges of the light green sections with Pale Green.

panel trimmedVallejo Aged White is the first color used on the opposite sections. At this point, he goes ahead and brushes all of the trim with Vallejo Steel.

weathering step 1Here he goes back to the Burnt Umber to create some wethering. For this, he uses a different piece just to provide us an example with vents. He essentially edges the panel and also uses it on vents and lines.

Weathering doneTo finish up the weathering, he gets all the umber down, then uses his previous base colors to clean up the lines. You can also see here that he used a little bit of umber on top of the silver to weather the bolts.

gun heat complete

A mix of VGA Gold Yellow and Burnt Umber are then used about halfway down the cannons. VGA Red Terracotta and flow improver are then used halfway withing the previous color and built up to start mimicking heat. Take Citadel Xereus Purple and lightly build it up towards the front end of the red section getting close to the muzzle end. Then using VGA Electric Blue on the very tip. Finally, he uses a Metallic Black he chars the very tips of the guns.

stencilNext, he starts using some stencils from Fallout Hobbies. On the smaller panels, he simply uses the same creme color from earlier and spray it over the stencil while making sure it was completely stuck to prevent and bleeding.

stencil removedOf course, he did each in opposite colors and then did the trim with the same silver as the rest of the model. After this, he will also weather it again using the same techniques as before.

water streakingUsing AK Interactive Streaking Grime he edges the panels and makes some small mock streaks near the top to mimic water damage. After it is dried, he goes over it with Mineral Spirits bottom-up to remove the middle of the color and make it appear less intense.

Rescuing a Forge World Warlord Titan from eBayUsing these same techniques all over the model he comes to the magnificent conclusion.

Watch the full video below, and be sure to follow eBay Miniature Rescues on YouTube now!

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