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archon dark eldar wal horCome find out about one of the most powerful beings in the entire Dark Eldar race. Behold the might of The Tyrant of Shaa-Dom.

Today’s lore is about one of the most powerful Dark Eldar Archons in history! He has lived, died, and lived again.

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Dark Eldar Cover ImgRuling over the Webway realm of Shaa-dom, El’Uriaq declared himself Emperor of the Dark Eldar and challenged the might of Asdrubael Vect, supreme overlord of Commorragh. The legends told that El’Uriaq laughed at Vect’s threats and posturing at this act. His forces outnumbered Vect’s and few other Kabals would commit themselves to fight on behalf of the Kabal of the Black Heart while many sent secret emissaries to Shaa-dom.Dark Eldar 4 As El’Uriaq planned his conquest of Commorragh, Vect struck in an unexpected fashion. Capturing a human starship in Realspace, Vect hurled the vessel through a Webway Portal and directly into Shaa-dom itself. The burning vessel smashed into the satellite realm, incinerating the core of the city instantly. Moreover, the ships Warp Drives exploded, creating a Warp rift that spread Daemons throughout Shaa-dom. Devastated and overrun by Daemons, Vect ordered that Shaa-dom be sealed from Commorragh forever. It is said that a portion of El’Uriaq’s spirit still lingers in the ruined realm.Dark Eldar 1.jpeg

El’uriaq would be resurrected by the Archon of the Kabal of the White FlamesNyos Yllithian, in a scheme by the warlord to depose Vect as ruler of Commorragh. Though dead for thousands of years, the master Haemonculus Bellathonis discovered that the Tyrant of Shaa-Dom’s body could be restored if a pure Exodite soul was captured and tortured sufficiently. The plot by Nyos and his conspirators proved successful, and El’uriaq was reborn once more.Dark Eldar 3 El’Uriaq soon began usurping the authority of Nyos in his own Kabal, and gained a strong loyal following throughout the Dark City with his charismatic speeches and playing on the desires to overthrow Vect. However, it soon became apparent to Nyos that when El’Uriaq had been resurrected, something had come back with him. Though retaining his old personality and charisma, he retained massive psychic powers and eventually, Nyos discovered that he was in fact possessed by a Daemon.

Worse still, the Daemon possessing El’Uriaq has become determined to cause a Dysjunction in the Webway, collapsing the boundary between the Warp and the space holding Commorragh and causing the city to be consumed by hungry Daemons.

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