This is How To Magnetize Your Adeptus Titanicus Warhound

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titanicus warhound magnet walThe Warhound Titan has proven itself on the tabletop in Adeptus Titanicus. Check out this review as well as how to magnetize your weapons.

Games Workshop announced a new Starter Box Set for Adeptus Titanicus featuring two Reavers, two Warhound titans, and some Lancers. Perhaps the best part is that is doesn’t overlap with the units from the Grand Master Edition. So if you’re looking to shop smart and add to your collection, or just start the game, you’ll want to grab the new starter set!

On that note, make sure you future-proof your models! The game is expensive enough as is. Take the time to magnetize your arms and you won’t be sorry. Check out how we recommend you assemble your Warhound.

adeptus titanicus starter box

New Titianicus Core Set

Adeptus Titanicus: Warhound Scout Titans$65

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99120399006_WarhoundScoutTitans01 (1)This multipart plastic kit contains the components necessary to assemble 2 Warhound Scout Titans for use in games of Adeptus Titanicus. The kit includes 4 different heads, 4 different carapace designs (2 Loyalist, 2 Traitor), shoulder assemblies with Traitor and Loyalist icons available and 3 different sets of greaves – an Imperial eagle design, an Opus Titanica design and a plain set. A small amount of poseability is available, as the waist can be turned to provide the illusion of movement. Either Titan can be armed with a pair of plasma blastguns, turbo laser destructors, vulcan mega-bolters or inferno guns – 2 sets of each are included, with associated pipework for attaching the weaponry to the Titan’s hardpoints. This kit comes as 124 components, and is supplied with 2 Citadel 80mm Round bases along with a decal sheet – this features heraldry for the following Legions: Gryphonicus, Fureans, Astorum, Atarus, and Mortis.

This is How To Magnetize Your Adeptus Titanicus Warhound

Screenshot_199First, up out of the box we get to see exactly what you can expect when you get these Titan bits trimmed down and ready for assembly as Rob takes us through the instruction booklet for the Warhounds.

Next, in our unboxing video, we get to see the sprues that make up the entire kit as well as some magnetization tips. That way you can utilize all of your weapon options and future-proof your minis for expansions and third-party bits alike.
Tiny Dog Alert!!  Here he is, the tiniest of Titan pups beside the Forge World head of his predecessor. This Warhound Tian has some great looking detail. Plus, there’s a surprising amount of customability that comes in the Titanicus kits allowing for some awesome posing options.
Looking at some of the wargear options for Warhounds, you can pretty much kit them out to fill any role on the tabletop. Especially if you bring enough of them out to bear.

Magnetizing Your Warhound Titan

This is How To Magnetize Your Adeptus Titanicus WarhoundBeing one of the smaller models of the game, it doesn’t have as many recommended magnetization points as something like the Warlord. However, starting off, you might want to magnetize the waist with some 5mm magnets. This is just to help transport the model mainly as it has an awkward shape if you’re carrying them in foam.

titanicus warhound magnet 2For the weapons, just pop a few magnets in the tops of your guns as well as the lower arm shaft. Once you do that, you’ll be able to switch out your weapon options as you like. There are no left or right-specific weapon options to keep track of, which is nice.

If you want to check out a more in-depth look at the Warhound kit, be sure to watch our video below.

What’s your favorite Titanicus unit to play on the tabletop? Do you spam your Warhounds and bring down big targets? Or do you use them as a distraction while your other Titans put in work? 

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