Top Beta Changes For Warhammer 40k’s ITC Format

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Top Beta Changes For Warhammer 40k's ITC FormatITC format is shaking up Warhammer 40k again with new BETA rules changes to going first and secondary objectives. Don’t miss the latest!

Frontline Gaming has put out some beta changes to 40k Missions we all know and love. Right now it looks like setup, secondaries, and missions have changed. Be sure to read through all of the changes yourself on Frontline Gaming!

Top Beta Changes For Warhammer 40k’s ITC Format

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ITC 40k Championship Beta Changes

Now it’s time for trial by fire! These missions will be in Beta for the next two weeks. Starting on the 24th of February, 2020 we will start collating player feedback to make any final changes that come up. On the 28th of February, 2020 we will finalize them for the season. In the meantime, these are good to go and so feel free to use them in your events but they may change between now and the 28th to address any issues that come up during this Beta period.

Today we’ll take a look at some of the more important highlights that should apply to every player during their next game if you are trying out the beta rules.

40k ITC Beta: Attackers & Defenders

Apothecary Art Wal Hor 8th New 40kOne of the biggest beta changes to the ITC happens before any models even hit the table. While you’re still talking with your opponent at the very beginning, you’ll roll off and the winner gets to choose to be the attacker or defender.

  • If you choose defender: You’ll roll for your deployment map (which you can reroll if you wish) as well as pick your side.
  • If you choose attacker: You’ll set up your entire army first and go first. There is no more seizing.

These changes are massive as it should speed up the game a bit more with no more alternating deployments. Plus, you can plan your strategy around going first or second if you win the roll-off. (Attacker for laying low a Knight before your opponent gets to use it for example. Or if you choose defender, you know you’ll have the final say on what gets killed/objectives get held).

Speaking of going second, there’s another topic to go over…Secondaries.

40k ITC Beta: Secondary Objectives

40k Talons of the Emperor Custodes Wal HorSecondaries have also gotten a few huge changes in this beta that are definitely worth noting. Now, you will choose your secondaries AFTER you know who is going first or second (attacker/ defender from above).

Secondaries are also separated into two categories. You MUST pick one from each category and then you are free to pick your third. These two categories are based on killing your opponent and controlling the board- Seek & Destroy and Maneuver secondaries. This is to force a bit more interaction for armies that spam things like Knights for kills and Gretchin for board control!

born for greatnessA new secondary objective has also hit the list called Born for Greatness. This is something you’ll want to put on a character that is hard to kill, very killy himself, mobile, and potentially a Psyker.  Just know that whoever you pick will most definitely have a target on their back and if you pick a lowly T4 character, watch out for snipers.

gsc wal


the postmanPostman might be most-used in a GSC /Harlequin army, you’ll want to pick a mobile model that’ll have the capability to be anywhere he really wants to. It’s risky because if he dies, you immediately lose out on all your potential points.

Now let’s go over some of the bigger changes to secondaries we already know. Keep in mind that there have been tweaks to almost every secondary. However, we’re pulling out the big ones.

  • Marked for Death Changed: Instead of PL 7 units as viable targets, you pick units that cost 100 pts or more. This is nice as those pesky Invictor Warsuits are 130+ pts but PL 6.
  • Reaper Changed: Instead of only counting for models killed, it now runs as every 20 wounds dealt to an Infantry unit. AKA, putting Primaris back on the menu.
  • Behind enemy Lines Changed:  The timing of this secondary changed to be a massive boost in competitiveness. Instead of hanging out in your enemy’s deployment zone for an entire battle round, you score it at the end of the player turn.
  • Engineers Changed: You still can only score from Turn 2 and on. However, if you have an Engineer unit inside your deployment zone and outside of your deployment zone and both are holding objectives, you’ll get 2 pts. This is an awesome way to upstart your points early on.

And there you have it! There have been a few tweaks here and there to some missions as well as other secondaries that we didn’t cover above, so as we saidbefore be sure to check out the full breakdown yourself.

With all of the biggest changes brought to light, what will you be bringing as a secondary in your next game? Would you rather go first or second against your opponent? 

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