Adeptus Custodes Knight Titan Upgrade Bits: Iron Wolf Minis

Iron Wolf Custode BitsCheck out a familiar lineup of Custodes upgrade bits compatible with the Questoris Knight (now in resin) from Iron Wolf Minis.

Gadgets Plus has a bunch of sweet bits, but a lot of their stuff is only on Shapeways. Luckily they are starting to move all of their designs to Iron Wolf Minis and into resin so that you can get them for less!

iron wolf dice bagRight out of the box, we get a sense of the special touch Iron Wolf Minis gives their new orders. Rob got a nice card and sticker with the logo, plus the bits came in two branded bags! Goodbye, Crown Royal bag, buy some bits and get a free dice bag (or two). Profit!

Not only do you get goodies with the purchase, but it’s cheaper to the 3D printed bits on Gadgets plus, by like half! Props to them for going the extra mile and giving more value for less..

Onto the bits, this Knight isn’t their newest model, Rob actually has one of these guys fully painted already. But the model is just so sweet he got another set to show us.

custode knight bitsWith all the bits laid out, we can get a sense of this armored look. There are also three head options; two armored and an eagle themed head.

custodes bits on test dummyWith the bits on the test knight, we can see just how much the armor stands out. The rivets really give it some character and push the armor theme just over the edge. There’s nothing in the way of weapons, but the armor is more than enough considering how much it brings to the table for making your knight stand apart from the rest.

Get Your Iron Wolf Bits Here

That’s it for this one, be sure to watch the full video below or Rob’s breakdown and insights. Patreon supporters of Spikey Bits get products like this each month shipped to them.

Upgrade bits provided for promotion & review.

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